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Dr. Joe Olson, UCC PresidentWelcome to the UCC website. I’m delighted that you’re taking time to explore the wonderful, educational learning opportunities that exist at Umpqua Community College. I’m confident that you will receive answers to many of your questions during the time on our website. If not, we certainly invite you to visit our campus in Roseburg, Oregon.

We consider Umpqua to be one of the most picturesque campuses on the west coast. You will find our well maintained and landscaped campus quite welcoming. You may also find some tranquility while sitting at one of our water fountains. The campus overlooks the North Umpqua River and while walking behind several of our buildings, you will find vistas overlooking the North Umpqua River and the hills that surround our campus.

Our focus is on student success and we are student focused. Recently we have become engaged in Achieving the Dream. This is just one of several initiatives that we are pursuing to help identify ways by which we can better meet the needs of our students. You’ll find a friendly and talented group of faculty and staff who are committed to making your learning experience as successful as possible.

We are also identifying ways to better connect with our Douglas County community. Soon you’ll find that our pool has been reopened, that we have a Veteran’s Center to assist veterans with the transition to higher education, and we are also launching an enhanced academic scholarship to students and returning veterans who have achieved a level of academic rigor. This could be an opportunity for students to receive the first two years of higher educational pursuits without paying tuition. Think of the opportunity that may await you should you qualify for this program.

Again, I encourage you to visit our campus and take the time to talk to our staff; should there be anything I can do to make your experience more successful please do not hesitate to contact me at 541-391-2120.

We will save a seat for you at graduation!

All of my best to you and warmest regards,

Dr. Joe Olson
UCC President


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