ASUCC Officer Applications

Make sure to read the office descriptions before applying for a position.

Application for ASUCC President - CLOSED

Application for ASUCC Vice President - CLOSED

Application for ASUCC Business Manager - CLOSED

Application for ASUCC Activities Officer - CLOSED

Application for ASUCC Public Relations Officer - CLOSED

Application for ASUCC Senators (non-elected position) - OPEN

Student Activities Fee Fund Balance - Request for Funds

The purpose of the ASUCC is for students, student organizations and student clubs to request funds from the SAFEE budget.

Application for Funds Request

Campus Enrichment Grant

The purpose of the ASUCC Campus Enrichment Grant is to help encourage continual growth through cultural events (i.e. workshops, speeches, concerts, etc) on Umpqua Community College’s campus.

Application for Campus Enrichment Grant

Instructional Reserve

The purpose of the ASUCC Instructional Reserve Program Grant is to expand and improve current instructional media resources and materials and to enrich the classroom learning experience for students.

Application for Instructional Reserve

Student Services

See the student services page for more information about these programs.

Student Services Information

Application for Student Services 

Student Clubs & Organizations