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Upcoming ASUCC Events

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Welcome Week

10 a.m. - 4 p.m., September 26 - 30 - Various locations throughout campus

Exciting prizes, fun and laughter, and a lot of 'getting to know you.' Faculty, staff and students are welcome.

Welcome image by Jimmy_Joe. Flickr.

DSC 0030

Club Fair

Tuesday - Thursday, 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.,  October 11-13 - Cafeteria

Find a fun club to join at the fall 2016 Club Fair

NOTE: If you want to form a new club, please come by the ASUCC offices for more information on forming clubs on campus.

Pumpkins Wikimedia Commons

Costume Contest

12 p.m., Monday, October 31 - Cafeteria

Exciting prizes, fun and laughter, support dogs. Faculty, staff and students are welcome.

NOTE: Halloween is a time of fun, with creative costumes and decorations. This year, we need to be particularly careful that costumes and celebrations remain respectful. Pumpkin image by Daniel Scott. Wikimedia Commons.

Get connected with the UCC community

  • Dr. Debra Thatcher
    Dr. Debra Thatcher
  • Dr. Kacy Crabtree
    Dr. Kacy Crabtree
  • April Hamlin
    April Hamlin
    Dean of Student Services
  • Susan Taylor
    Susan Taylor
    Director, UCC Foundation
  • Michelle Bergmann
    Michelle Bergmann
    Director of Financial Aid
  • Honey Mcnamara
    Honey McNamara
  • Dave Stricklin
    Dave Stricklin
    Women's Basketball Coach
  • Jan Woodcock
    Jan Woodcock
    Social Science
  • Kira Oerman
    Kira Oerman
    Recruitment Specialist
  • Jason Heald
    Jason Heald
  • danielle haskett
    Danielle Haskett
    Accessibility Services
  • Stephanie Newman
    Stephanie Newman
    Theatre Arts