Office of Business Services

Our Goals

  1. Assure financial integrity of the college
    • Through this goal, the Office of Business Services acts as a fiduciary and a steward to ensure that the College is fiscally sound and complies with federal, state, and college operating guidelines in support of the College mission and vision.
  2. Provide quality services and delivery
    • Through this goal, the Office of Business Services acts to continuously review and improve work methods, policies, practices, and procedures to optimize value to our customers.
  3. Promote a positive institutional climate and culture
    • Through this goal, the Office of Business Services acts to develop and promote a positive campus culture that welcomes and respects all students, employees, and visitors.

Position of Authority/Leadership

Chief Financial Officer provides collaborative financial leadership for the College; ensures the short and long-term fiscal health of the College; oversees the business practices, and ensures that the College utilizes its resources to achieve its education mission and improve institutional effectiveness. The CFO is responsible for oversight of all funds as prescribed by law and college policy and the maintenance of fiscal records.

Areas of Operation

Office of Business Services consists of the following departments led by a director for each area of operation.  Each area of the Office of Business Services has its own webpage and mission statement that is aligned with the College Mission and embodies the core themes through the services delivered.

  • Accounting and Finance focuses on management of all aspects of accounting and financial reporting for the College and oversees compliance with administrative rules as well as various federal, state, and agency regulations. It is the primary supervisory and support office for the centralized accounting functions of: general accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, student accounts, grant accounting, long-term debt, capital projects, cash and investments, fixed assets, inventory, and travel. Visit Accounting and Finance.
  • The UCC Campus Store (The Hawk Shop) sells course materials and supplies to meet the needs of the College.  The store offers a variety of apparel, gifts, gift cards, spirit gear, laptops & other technology based items, and a variety of food items.  The store is a certified SNAP retailer and accepts EBT cards for qualifying purchases.  The department collaborates with students, faculty, and staff to provide materials and services to campus and its community.  Visit the Hawk Shop.
  • Budget plans and oversees the activities of the annual and interim budget cycles for internal, external, and capital planning.  It facilitates the process of translating the College’s academic and administrative plans into budgets utilized for state funding requests, internal allocations and utilization, and execution of the College’s strategic goals and objectives. Visit Budget.
  • Purchasing provides assistance throughout campus for the acquisition of goods & services with intent to properly steward that public funding entrusted to the College.  It ensures compliance with all applicable federal laws, state statutes, and local policies, and guides departments through those different requirements based on mandated dollar thresholds. Visit Purchasing.


Office of Business Services