Student Accounts FAQ

If you do not find the topic of your question listed here, please contact Student Accounts.

Visit Employee & Student Self-Service

Log in using your User ID (your student account number) If you do not remember it, contact the Help Desk.

Type in your PIN  (If you are a first time user be sure to use the correct date format MMDDYY)

If you do not remember your PIN use the Forgot PIN button directly under the entry box.

Click on the Student tab as shown then select Student Account from the menu

*Payments made on-line will not update immediately; balance updates are on a 20 minute cycle.

**Account holds based on over-due balances; payments will not clear holds until the next business day.

UCC complies with all state and federal requirements regarding the confidentiality of student’s records. In general, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1968 prohibits us from releasing information to anyone other than the identified student without the written release from that student. This includes parents who may be paying on a student’s account.

Release of information must be documented in the system in order for Student Accounts to discuss with anyone, other than those allowed by FERPA, a students account information. The Release of Information form is specific to whomever is named on the release.  In other words, if mom is listed and dad is not, we can talk to mom but not to dad.  There are very few exceptions to this rule and all require the students consent.

Financial aid awards disburse to student accounts on Wednesday’s beginning the second week of fall, winter and spring terms and run weekly throughout the term as Financial Aid processes awards.  Financial aid disburses on Tuesday’s after July 1, 2018 during summer term.

Once financial aid has disbursed to accounts, the Accounting and Finance Office processes all types of aid weekly, including scholarships (refundable and non-refundable).   Checks and direct deposit for excess funds are released on Friday’s during fall, winter and spring terms and Thursday’s during summer term. On-line over-payments made by credit card are refunded by check.  Holidays may change processing days and are typically adjusted to occur sooner than those listed.

If you are expecting notification of a financial aid award and have not received it, please contact Financial Aid

Any financial institution that is able to provide documentation of an existing account that includes your name, address, and routing information can be used to deposit excess funds received while attending UCC.  Some financial institutions provide online access to account documentation required to turn in with your direct deposit form, if you do not use checks.  Currently, forms and financial institution documentation must be turned in to Student Accounts in person.  Photo ID is required when turning in documents.

These security precautions are taken to ensure that excess funds are available only to the person assigned to receive them.

*Keep in mind that the direct deposit of excess educational funds is a different form than direct deposit for wages earned at UCC.  Direct deposit forms for wages are issued and turned in to Payroll.

**Direct deposit stays active until the account holder submits a cancellation request; therefore, it is important that when banking accounts are closed that  Student Accounts is notified

  1. Is your check is based on excess financial aid funds being returned to you?
    • Have you received an award letter from Financial Aid? If you answer no to this question: check your financial aid status/requirements online or contact the Financial Aid office.
    • You have received an award letter, but no check? Do you see a refund posted when you check your balance on-line? If yes, contact  Student Accounts.
  1. If you can see that a refund has posted to your on-line account and have not received it, after allowing two days for processing and/or mail time, you have two options:
    • You can wait the required two-weeks to see if the check arrives and have a check reissued at no charge
    • You can pay a $35.00 lost check fee to receive it sooner

*Remember to add two days to the refund posting date as checks/direct deposits are not made until two days after posting to allow for bank processing or USPS delivery time.

**Contact Student Accounts if in doubt.

  1. Have you moved?  Addresses are pulled from Registration records when UCC issues student’s checks.  If students have moved they need to contact registration and update their address by providing a Change of Record form.  A two week wait is still required before reissuing checks or paying $35.00 if you want it sooner.

Current term charges are due the first day of the term by 5:00 pm, for those that do not have other aid sources.  A NELNET contract, is a payment option for those paying out-of-pocket.  If you do not have other aid sources lined-up by the first day of the term, you may also be required to set up a NELNET contract to hold your classes.  This allows time to set up your other payment sources.  The contract may be canceled once other aid becomes available.

View our pay for classes page for more information.   Be sure to allow plenty of time to get your financial resources in order.

There may be a time when your aid does not cover all your term expenses. Ignoring a bill does not make it go away and often time’s leads to more trouble in terms of additional charges and expenses.  The Student Accounts office offers a repayment plan for prior term charges.  We work with students to find an amount and payment agreement that fits within a student’s budget.  It is a process in which a majority of the responsibility falls on the student to set up reminder notices to make their monthly payments.  It is required that account holders remain in contact with the Student Accounts office if they cannot meet their current payment agreement.

If you are looking for additional resources to help pay your current and future expenses, view Money for College and Jobs for other possibilities. Students that have applied for a FAFSA also have the option of Federal Work Study to supplement their income while attending school.

Accounts are required to be paid in full prior to release of transcripts or registering for future terms.