Office of Facilities & Security

Our Goals

  1. Assure safety of all employees, students and public
    • Monitor campus grounds and create a safe atmosphere for all individuals on campus
  2. Provide quality customer service and rapid response protocol for maintenance issues
    • Respond to all maintenance requests in a timely fashion
  3. Maintain buildings and grounds to standard
    • Consistent rotation of cleaning buildings and maintaining infrastructure to code

Position of Authority/Leadership

Director: Joe Flora

The Director of Facilities and Security is a leadership position responsible for the operation, maintenance, and planning for all college facilities, grounds, utilities, energy managements systems, safety/security systems, mail services, transportation services, construction management and assigned operating equipment in order to provide a safe and healthy environment for students, faculty and staff.

Areas of Operation

Office of Business Services consists of the following departments led by a director for each area of operation.  Each area of the Office of Business Services has its own webpage and mission statement that is aligned with the College mission and embodies the core themes through the services delivered.

  • Building Maintenance – Maintains operations, safety, security and interior aesthetics.
  • Grounds Maintenance – Maintains operations, safety, security and exterior aesthetics.
  • Security – Maintains campus safety and security.
  • Custodial – Maintains cleanliness at UCC facilities on and off campus.
  • Mail Room – Processes incoming and outgoing freight shipments and mail.


Facilities Reception 541-440-4671
Facilities Director 541-440-4698
Security line 541-440-7777