Board of Education

The Board of Education of Umpqua Community College honors a strong commitment to serve a diverse student and community population, providing equal opportunities for students, staff and community to access educational and employment programs.

The college is focused on efforts that will enhance the accessibility of education to students and the community, create a positive learning environment, and foster awareness in the district it serves.

Zone 1: North County
Zone 2: North Central County
Zone 3: West Central County
Zone 4: East Central County
Zone 5: South Central County
Zone 6: Southeast County
Zone 7: At-Large

Board Members

Twila McDonald

(Zone 1: North County)

Melvin “Bud” Smith

(Zone 2: North Central)

David Littlejohn

(Zone 3: West Central)

Erica Mills

(Zone 4: East Central)

Guy N. Kennerly

(Zone 5: South Central)

Caroline Lydon

(Zone 6: Southeast County)

Steve Loosley

Chair (Zone 7: District at Large)

Board Assistant