Thanks to the generous giving of many individuals, groups and businesses, the construction and initial equipping of the observatory was possible. Four reflecting telescopes, two AP 1000 mounts, four computers, three TV monitors and six cameras are available for observing. This is a wonderful start for the observatory. So much more can be done with future donation.

  • The C14 scope needs an improved focuser, focal reducer, and control software totaling about $1,800.
  • Night time observing this winter and early spring will require dew control devices for all telescopes costing about $750.
  • A double stack Hydrogen Alpha FIlter will greatly improve HA observing detail on the sun for $1,900.
  • A Stellarvue 5” refractor would bring wide field imaging of nebula star clusters and galaxies at a price of about $3,500.
  • A portable mount for the Stellarvue refractor would allow observing of the moon, Mercury, Venus and evening comets near the Western horizon costing about $2,000.
  • A laptop, digital projector and large projector screen to be placed on the north side of the observatory would allow large groups to sit outside on the observatory grass in the open air and see the images from the telescopes at about $1,700.
    All donations to the UCC Foundation Observatory Fund are tax deductible and greatly appreciated. Please help bring astronomy and science to our college and community.

To donate to the observatory, call the UCC Foundation at 541-440-7678.