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Adult Basic Skills

Did you step out of education and miss earning your high school diploma or GED?

Set up an orientation to get started!

Now available in Drain!

GED®/Skills Review classes at UCC North County! Classes are located at the North Douglas High School in the evenings and on Saturdays. Contact the UCC Woolley Center at 541-440-4603 for more information and registration.

About the Adult Basic Skills program.

Adult Basic Skills (ABS) is a non-credit program.

The UCC basic skills program prepares adult students to be college and career ready, to the 12th grade/high school graduation level. Instruction is offered in reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, critical thinking, and job skills preparation via our GED®, Skills Review, and English Language Acquisition/English as a Second Language (ELA) programs.

Students enroll in these programs to bring their skills to the college and career readiness level in order to: 

  • Prepare for the GED® exam 
  • Improve academic skills for better job prospects
  • Plan to enroll in college after a gap in education and desires to bring up skills for academic success
  • Personal satisfaction
  • Improve English communication skills (when not a native English speaker)

Any persons 16 years or older currently performing below the high school graduation level, regardless if already have a high school diploma or GED®, is eligible to apply.

New and returning Adult Basic Skills students should contact the Woolley Center to schedule an orientation.

Success Stories

  • Sophavid Choum-Starkey

    “Going to college gave me sense of purpose and direction. Through this journey, I have been evolving."

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  • IMG 0259.1 Daniel Belcher crop

    For students like Daniel and Krista, Wolf Creek Job Corps is a life line. Both Douglas County residents would face homelessness and live life with no direction without it.

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  • P1510185 1 ABSD Graduation 2018

    $7,400 award from the Cow Creek Foundation will help reduce out-of-pocket costs for tuition and testing.

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  • ABS graduation 2018x

    Adult Basic Skills Program more than doubled this year's state average with a 34% completion rate.

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  • Andre Jacob

    ABSD Chair lets student success happen in its own time.

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  • Jade Meredith

    Adult learner steps back in to education, completes a GED, and sets new goals.

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El Centro de Educación para adultos en UCC ofrecen cursos básicos (en inglés) en las areas de lectura, escritura, matemáticas, ciencias, ciencias sociales, preparación para tomar el examen de GED®, y el mejoramiento de destrezas en varias áreas. El Centro de Educación para adultos en UCC ofrecen también inglés como segunda lengua (ELA). Los estudiantes pueden matricularse al comunicarse con la oficina del Woolley Center.


Hours & Information

UCC Woolley Center
1634 W Harvard Ave
Roseburg OR 97471
Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday
Phone: 541-440-4603

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