Spring Term Honor Roll


Congratulations to all our students who put forth the effort to reach excellence!

ROSEBURG, Ore. – The Umpqua Community College (UCC) Interim Vice President of Student Services/Registrar David Farrington announced the 2017 Spring Term Honor Roll. The President’s List (3.7 or higher GPA) is comprised of 260 full-time students (12 credits or more), and 119 students are on the Dean's List (3.74 to 3.50 GPA).

The names and cities of residence are as accurate as possible at the time of publication. Students requesting confidentiality are not published.


President’s Honor Roll

Kaysie Cornelio Honolulu HI
Margaret Anderson Idaho City ID
Caitlin Wilson Azalea OR
Bria Butler Beaverton OR
Kaya Maliglig Camas Valley OR
Elisabeth Payne Canyonville OR
Sandra Masuzumi Canyonville OR
Andreas Guevara Coos Bay OR
Willie Snyder Coos Bay OR
Morgan Moore Coquille OR
Brandon Dahlman Days Creek OR
Serene Holsclaw Days Creek OR
Steven Dahlman Days Creek OR
Kirsten Willis Dillard OR
Marissa Perez Dillard OR
Matthew Figueroa Dillard OR
Rosemary Buck Dillard OR
Candi Clark Drain OR
Sarah Hess Drain OR
Heather Monroe Elkton OR
Kyla Hendershott Forest Grove OR
Emily Woodley Glendale OR
Abigail Watson Glide OR
Ashley Jarrett Glide OR
Ashley Kame Glide OR
Charlotte Kame Glide OR
Emily Pengelly Glide OR
Jasmyn Antos Glide OR
Kelli Finlay Glide OR
Melissa Sapp Glide OR
Mikaela Chasteen Glide OR
Tracy Csernak Glide OR
William Maynes Glide OR
Toni Muehlbacher Gold Hill OR
Amanda Albrecht Hillsboro OR
Alex Holland Idleyld Park OR
Byronna Thomas Idleyld Park OR
Samuel Birch Idleyld Park OR
Kyle Hodge Medford OR
Christine Cooksey Myrtle Creek OR
Daisy Brown Myrtle Creek OR
Danny Cockrum Myrtle Creek OR
Grace Cooksey Myrtle Creek OR
Gregg Blatter Myrtle Creek OR
Jacoby Faas Myrtle Creek OR
JadeAnn Blix Myrtle Creek OR
Jakob Bergmann Myrtle Creek OR
Jamie Merritt Myrtle Creek OR
Jessie Selzler Myrtle Creek OR
Juan Martinez Myrtle Creek OR
Lori Risner Myrtle Creek OR
Michael O'Sullivan Myrtle Creek OR
Rachel Araiza Myrtle Creek OR
Sabrina Hill Myrtle Creek OR
Savannah Slay Myrtle Creek OR
Sebastin Zavala Myrtle Creek OR
Angela Holcomb Oakland OR
Jesse Ingram Oakland OR
Joshua Parnell Oakland OR
Mackenzie Price Oakland OR
Sandra Richie Oakland OR
Savanah O'Brien Oakland OR
Tristin Thomas Oakland OR
Shalena Harris Portland OR
Daisha Budel Riddle OR
Gaelan Nash Riddle OR
Aaron MacArthur Roseburg OR
Aaron Smith Roseburg OR
Alexis Bergh Roseburg OR
Alicia Abel Roseburg OR
Alison Luce Roseburg OR
Amanda Sneed Roseburg OR
Andrew Fields Roseburg OR
Anisha Wikstrom Roseburg OR
Anita Van Osdol Roseburg OR
Aryn Voigt Roseburg OR
Ashley Backen Roseburg OR
Ashley Davin Roseburg OR
Ashley Goelet Roseburg OR
Aubrey Snyder Roseburg OR
Beverly Vargas Roseburg OR
Bonny Bartley Roseburg OR
Brady Fuller Roseburg OR
Brandon Thompson Roseburg OR
Brenda Westbrook Roseburg OR
Brianna Belcher Roseburg OR
Brittany Eggers Roseburg OR
Brittany Miller Roseburg OR
Brittany Thompson Roseburg OR
Cara Painter Roseburg OR
Carissa Miller Roseburg OR
Carissa Welding Roseburg OR
Carsen Fromdahl Roseburg OR
Casey Bright Roseburg OR
Cheyanne Rico Roseburg OR
Christopher Livermore Roseburg OR
Christopher Talbert Roseburg OR
Ciara Dorn Roseburg OR
Codey Winslow Roseburg OR
Colby Wilson Roseburg OR
Cynthia Cole Roseburg OR
Danielle Johnson Roseburg OR
Darren Bringhurst Roseburg OR
David Parker Roseburg OR
David Rodriguez Roseburg OR
Dawson Jinkins Roseburg OR
Elizabeth Hernandez Roseburg OR
Emily Farmer Roseburg OR
Emily McMaster Roseburg OR
Emma Jaworski Roseburg OR
Eric Stauder Roseburg OR
Fallon Peters Roseburg OR
Gabrielle Kozelski Roseburg OR
Garison Leif Roseburg OR
Gavin Clark Roseburg OR
Grant Ellison Roseburg OR
Hanya Vargas Roseburg OR
Hope Mounts Roseburg OR
Hunter Bancroft Roseburg OR
Isaac DeMuth Roseburg OR
Jacob Vanderkarr Roseburg OR
Jamie Snead Roseburg OR
Janet Bell Roseburg OR
Jeffery Lorsung Roseburg OR
Jennifer Conner Roseburg OR
Jeramiah Simmons Roseburg OR
Jessica Wanamaker Roseburg OR
Jody Barnett Roseburg OR
Joel Dowdy Roseburg OR
John Bastianelli Roseburg OR
Jordan Stiefel Roseburg OR
Josiah Buster Roseburg OR
Josie Humbert Roseburg OR
Julia Weiss Roseburg OR
Justin Bates Roseburg OR
Kaitlyn Bullock Roseburg OR
Karra Manuel Roseburg OR
Katherine Hicks Roseburg OR
Kathleen Hunter Roseburg OR
Kelly Jones Roseburg OR
Kendra Harris Roseburg OR
Kimetha Stallings Roseburg OR
Kymberly Bastian Roseburg OR
Lauren Baque Roseburg OR
Lela Deherrera Roseburg OR
Lilyanna Wheaton Roseburg OR
Lisa Sine Roseburg OR
Lucas Kiefer Roseburg OR
Lyandra Maina Roseburg OR
Lynn Williams Roseburg OR
Madalyn Sherley Roseburg OR
Madison Muir Roseburg OR
Mariah Epps Roseburg OR
Matthew Chace Roseburg OR
Matthew Gabbard Roseburg OR
Megan Johnson Roseburg OR
Mesol Turner Roseburg OR
Michael Hoie Roseburg OR
Mikaila Frey Roseburg OR
Mikenna Blumenthal Roseburg OR
Natalie Lehrbach Roseburg OR
Nazzario Ferguson Roseburg OR
Nicole Cox Roseburg OR
Nicole Staggs Roseburg OR
Patrick Schneider Roseburg OR
Pricila Lopez Roseburg OR
Rebecca Mapes Roseburg OR
Reena Daley Roseburg OR
Renee Carroll Roseburg OR
Renee Grant Roseburg OR
Robert Cline Roseburg OR
Rochelle Peiper Roseburg OR
Rona Smith Roseburg OR
Rose Anderson Roseburg OR
Sarah Blum Roseburg OR
Sarah Jaworski Roseburg OR
Scott Lalande Roseburg OR
Scout Meyer Roseburg OR
Sean Landreth Roseburg OR
Shannon Hagerty Roseburg OR
Shelby Morin Roseburg OR
Sierra Olson Roseburg OR
Staci Enserink Roseburg OR
Steven Stanfield Roseburg OR
Tanner McCue Roseburg OR
Tayler Dahl Roseburg OR
Taylor Bateson Roseburg OR
Taylor Daley Roseburg OR
Taylyn McNamara Roseburg OR
Taytam Trauthwein Roseburg OR
Teresa Mutschler Roseburg OR
Terrin Misfeldt Roseburg OR
Tia Sconce Roseburg OR
Tomi Bond Roseburg OR
Tracee Fitzsimmons Roseburg OR
Tyson Sakrison Roseburg OR
Valentine Granger Roseburg OR
Wade Christensen Roseburg OR
Wayne Jaworski Roseburg OR
Whitney Meacham Roseburg OR
Will Germond Roseburg OR
Wyatt Deck Roseburg OR
Zachary Sanford Roseburg OR
Ziru Bolen Roseburg OR
Andrew Harris Sutherlin OR
Blayke Hosford Sutherlin OR
Bryan Lyman Sutherlin OR
Cassidy Leatherwood Sutherlin OR
Christopher Traill Sutherlin OR
Eliza Sorenson Sutherlin OR
Emma Matteo Sutherlin OR
Ethan Harris Sutherlin OR
Haeden Rauh Sutherlin OR
Heather Griffith Sutherlin OR
James Reinwald Sutherlin OR
Johanna Mitchell Sutherlin OR
Jordan Stookey Sutherlin OR
Kalpana Naicker Sutherlin OR
Karly Brewer Sutherlin OR
Katelyn Barry Sutherlin OR
Kenneth Flick Sutherlin OR
Kimberly Ray Sutherlin OR
Linda Calvano Sutherlin OR
Lydia Vincent Sutherlin OR
Madison Hunt Sutherlin OR
Madison Peterman Sutherlin OR
Mandy Warner Sutherlin OR
Mariah Bebeau Sutherlin OR
Melinda Calvin Sutherlin OR
Mia Lahley Sutherlin OR
Nicholas Bunch Sutherlin OR
Pamela Bordenave Sutherlin OR
Richard Wesenberg Sutherlin OR
Savannah Carrillo Sutherlin OR
Savannah Willis Sutherlin OR
Shanna McMahan Sutherlin OR
Stuart Hainey Sutherlin OR
Taylor Brooke Sutherlin OR
Tristan Vincent Sutherlin OR
William Turner Sutherlin OR
Angel Potter Tenmile OR
Nathaniel Hartwig Tenmile OR
Timothy Carmen Tigard OR
Dominique Wenzler-Steves Winchester OR
Ian Thomas Winchester OR
Janelle Fong Winchester OR
Jenna Smith Winchester OR
Jordan Lehrer Winchester OR
Katherine Meier Winchester OR
Kelsey Stone Winchester OR
Whitney Jackson Winchester OR
Amberli Levy Winston OR
Erinn Goodwin Winston OR
Megan Trapp Winston OR
Naralyn Lopez Winston OR
Nathan Ikola Winston OR
Ruth Mountainspring Winston OR
Tina Jensen Winston OR
April Meza Yoncalla OR
Tyler Gustafson Yoncalla OR

Dean’s Honor Roll

Jonathan Small Cottage Grove OR
Renae Schelin Cottage Grove OR
Kaitlyn Osborne Drain OR
Kenyh Crockett Drain OR
Enedina Herrera Glendale OR
Alexandra Cooper Glide OR
Oscar Ramirez Glide OR
Ronald Shivers Glide OR
Amber Marini Grants Pass OR
Katelin Fillmore Grants Pass OR
Alyssa Grenfell Hillsboro OR
Race Cockrell Myrtle Creek OR
Andrew Hill Myrtle Creek OR
Grace Grisham Myrtle Creek OR
Jessica Kalebaugh Myrtle Creek OR
Johnathan Warner Myrtle Creek OR
Matthew Sullivan Myrtle Creek OR
Monica Russell Myrtle Creek OR
Natasha Anderson Myrtle creek OR
Sarah Patton Myrtle Creek OR
Shammah Quintana Myrtle Creek OR
Tyler Vey Myrtle Creek OR
Andrew Roberson Oakland OR
Gerald Ryan Oakland OR
Lindsey Thornton Oakland OR
Ron Stribling Oakland OR
Justin Moe Oakridge OR
Austin Edwards Riddle OR
Tiffinnie Jandura Riddle OR
Jordan Ehrhardt Rogue River OR
Abigail Steele Roseburg OR
Aisha Chaudhry Roseburg OR
Aleasha Moug Roseburg OR
Araya Jensen Roseburg OR
Ashley Sulffridge Roseburg OR
Barbara Murray Roseburg OR
Brian Romo Roseburg OR
Brian Smith Roseburg OR
Bryan Capone Roseburg OR
Caleb Poteet Roseburg OR
Catherine Cuyugan Roseburg OR
Chase Taylor Roseburg OR
Cheyenne Smith Roseburg OR
Chloe Fink Roseburg OR
Cole Eibel Roseburg OR
Cole Weaver Roseburg OR
Dan Cai Roseburg OR
Dawn Steep Roseburg OR
Dayana Martinez Roseburg OR
Emily Lozano Roseburg OR
Erin Jackson Roseburg OR
Esmeralda Flores Roseburg OR
Ethan Frye Roseburg OR
Hannah Radford Roseburg OR
Hayden Lent Roseburg OR
Isaac Jacobsen Roseburg OR
Jamie Divine Roseburg OR
Jaskaran Sandhu Roseburg OR
Jeffery Pittsenbarger Roseburg OR
John Kunis Roseburg OR
Joshua Walters Roseburg OR
Katelyn Nelson Roseburg OR
Kevin Hansberger Roseburg OR
Kimberlee Roberts Roseburg OR
Lenora Al Ratta Roseburg OR
Lydia Bastian Roseburg OR
Madison Coffey Roseburg OR
Maia Lopez Roseburg OR
Marissa Ladig Roseburg OR
Martin Nienstedt Roseburg OR
Michael Chambers Roseburg OR
Natasha Robinson Roseburg OR
Nichole Stephenson Roseburg OR
Rebecca Attaway Roseburg OR
Recia Mahan Roseburg OR
Ryan Wylie Roseburg OR
Samantha Vath Roseburg OR
Sarah Ballas Roseburg OR
Sarah Weekly Roseburg OR
Savanna Rikard Roseburg OR
Sean Higgins Roseburg OR
Tiffany George Roseburg OR
Timothy Vath Roseburg OR
Trace Wimber Roseburg OR
Tyler Jose Roseburg OR
Alexandria Bachmeier Sutherlin OR
Amber Pilson Sutherlin OR
Carlos Lopez Sutherlin OR
Danielle Helliar Sutherlin OR
Esten Harrington Sutherlin OR
Gavin Alderman Sutherlin OR
Hailey Johnson Sutherlin OR
Helena Kresky Sutherlin OR
Jared Rhyne Sutherlin OR
Joel Morgan Sutherlin OR
Kalana Granger Sutherlin OR
Karla Alcantar Sutherlin OR
Kristie Knight Sutherlin OR
Kyle Davis Sutherlin OR
Michala Carpine Sutherlin OR
Mikayla Cooper Sutherlin OR
Wyatt Keady Sutherlin OR
Marina Fowler Tenmile OR
Jamie Vallotton Umpqua OR
Cheyenne Chambers Winchester OR
Regan Abbott Winchester OR
Viviana Rodriguez Winchester OR
Aurora Hobson Winston OR
Debra Banks Winston OR
Evelyn Marlow Winston OR
Heidie Teel Winston OR
Joshua Nixon Winston OR
Justine Bringhurst Winston OR
Kelsey Warren Winston OR
Kimberlee Dedmon Winston OR
Matthew Knight Winston OR
Melanie Monroe Winston OR
Misty Fox Winston OR
Monica Hall Winston OR


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