Fall Term Honor Roll

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Congratulations to all our students who put forth the effort to reach excellence!

ROSEBURG, Ore. – The Umpqua Community College (UCC) Enrollment Services, Student Records and Registration Office has announced the 2017 Fall Term Honor Roll. The President’s List (3.7 or higher GPA) is comprised of 282 full-time students (12 credits or more), and 120 students are on the Dean's List (3.74 to 3.50 GPA).

The names and cities of residence are as accurate as possible at the time of publication. Students requesting confidentiality are not published.

President’s Honor Roll

Richard Rolfe Redwood Valley CA
Dominique Wenzler-Steves Haiku HI
Coleman Johnson Idaho Falls ID
Margaret Anderson Idaho City ID
Turner Merrell Azalea OR
Caitlin Wilson Azalea OR
David Vincent Bandon OR
Bria Thames Beaverton OR
Charity Bellando Camas Valley OR
Tori Hall Camas Valley OR
Bailey Payne Camas Valley OR
Grace Cupp Canyonville OR
Sara Drennen Canyonville OR
Katherine Leichner Canyonville OR
Steven Downey Columbia City OR
Morgan Lien Coos Bay OR
Willie Snyder Coos Bay OR
Clayton Makinson Coquille OR
Derek Carlton Cottage Grove OR
Katelynn Corrigan Cottage Grove OR
Ryan Trullinger Cottage Grove OR
Jena Williams Creswell OR
Jedadiah Hays Days Creek OR
Micah Kruzic Days Creek OR
Rosemary Buck Dillard OR
Matthew Figueroa Dillard OR
Jessica Billiel Drain OR
Emily Francalangia Drain OR
Michaela Loughead Drain OR
Emma Burke Elkton OR
Jasmine Geving Eugene OR
Enedina Herrera Glendale OR
Emily Inskeep Glendale OR
Amanda Lawrence Glendale OR
Jasmyn Antos Glide OR
Ashley Binder Glide OR
Mikel Farley Glide OR
Ashley Kame Glide OR
Charlotte Kame Glide OR
Debra McKinney Glide OR
Lonnie Pike Glide OR
Robert Roberts Glide OR
Abigail Watson Glide OR
Toni Muehlbacher Gold Hill OR
Amanda Albrecht Hillsboro OR
Caleb Miller Lebanon OR
Skip Jones McMinnville OR
Serena Ettinger Medford OR
Merrily Jones Milwaukie OR
Kyleigh Belcher Myrtle Creek OR
Jakob Bergmann Myrtle Creek OR
Gregg Blatter Myrtle Creek OR
JadeAnn Blix Myrtle Creek OR
Anastacia Bretches Myrtle Creek OR
Danny Cockrum Myrtle Creek OR
Christine Cooksey Myrtle Creek OR
Madelyn Foster Myrtle Creek OR
Sabrina Hill Myrtle Creek OR
Marissa Johnson Myrtle Creek OR
Amanda Mann Myrtle Creek OR
Jenett Palmer Myrtle creek OR
Dakota Pollock Myrtle Creek OR
Rebecca Stafford Myrtle Creek OR
Brook West Myrtle Creek OR
Shyla Yu Myrtle Creek OR
Brett Stark North Bend OR
Paige Bayless Oakland OR
John Gerstner Oakland OR
Lillian Meier Oakland OR
Savanah OBrien Oakland OR
Joshua Parnell Oakland OR
Sandra Richie Oakland OR
Kathyryn Tripp Oakland OR
Jesse Young Oakland OR
Justin Moe Oakridge OR
Kori Madeza Oregon City OR
Shalena Harris Portland OR
Evelyn Platt Redmond OR
Daniel Jasper Riddle OR
Bobby Anderson Roseburg OR
Tatum Anderson Roseburg OR
Kelsi Arney Roseburg OR
Margarita Arredondo Roseburg OR
Ashley Backen Roseburg OR
Johnathan Barrows Roseburg OR
Bonny Bartley Roseburg OR
Kymberly Bastian Roseburg OR
Janet Bell Roseburg OR
Alyssa Bergold Roseburg OR
Rylie Brausam Roseburg OR
Alexas Brown Roseburg OR
William Byrd Roseburg OR
Tristan Case Roseburg OR
Matthew Chace Roseburg OR
Sara Clark Roseburg OR
Rebecca Comer Roseburg OR
Jeff Conklin Roseburg OR
Jennifer Cook Roseburg OR
Nicole Cox Roseburg OR
Christi Crawford Roseburg OR
Jessica Cumpston Roseburg OR
Michele Curlin Roseburg OR
Spencer Dahl Roseburg OR
Ashley Davin Roseburg OR
Ashlie Dehart Roseburg OR
Isaac DeMuth Roseburg OR
Hanna Drennen Roseburg OR
Noah Elkins Roseburg OR
Staci Enserink Roseburg OR
Nazzario Ferguson Roseburg OR
Andrew Fields Roseburg OR
Tracee Fitzsimmons Roseburg OR
Esmeralda Flores Roseburg OR
Amber Floyd Roseburg OR
Carsen Fromdahl Roseburg OR
Makayla Gilbert Roseburg OR
Matt Glassman Roseburg OR
Andrew Glover Roseburg OR
Kalana Granger Roseburg OR
Valentine Granger Roseburg OR
Renee Grant Roseburg OR
Austin Gregg Roseburg OR
Rachel Guzman Roseburg OR
Kevin Hansberger Roseburg OR
Grace Harker Roseburg OR
Kendra Harris Roseburg OR
Katherine Hicks Roseburg OR
Michael Hoie Roseburg OR
Victoria Horrace Roseburg OR
Elizabeth Hull Roseburg OR
Erin Jackson Roseburg OR
Isaac Jacobsen Roseburg OR
Rebekah Jacobsen Roseburg OR
Isabel Jacobson Roseburg OR
Alexa Jaworski Roseburg OR
Emma Jaworski Roseburg OR
Sarah Jaworski Roseburg OR
Wayne Jaworski Roseburg OR
Kevin Jeffries Roseburg OR
Dawson Jinkins Roseburg OR
Micheal Jones Roseburg OR
Tyler Jose Roseburg OR
Amanda Katter Roseburg OR
Neila Kerkebane Roseburg OR
Megan Klein Roseburg OR
Eric Klekas Roseburg OR
Isabella Kloha Roseburg OR
James Kuper Roseburg OR
Wesley Kwok Roseburg OR
Robin Lambert Roseburg OR
Kayla Lanza Roseburg OR
Ian Lawton Roseburg OR
Deborah Lay Roseburg OR
Shania LeCroy Roseburg OR
Garison Leif Roseburg OR
Levi Lemert Roseburg OR
Kourtney Lomica Roseburg OR
Emily Lozano Roseburg OR
Sasha Lynch Roseburg OR
Courtney Madden Roseburg OR
Jeremy Mahan Roseburg OR
Lyandra Maina Roseburg OR
Francisco Martinez Roseburg OR
Tanner McCue Roseburg OR
Brittany Miller Roseburg OR
Kelsi Miller Roseburg OR
Candace Mock Roseburg OR
Courtney Montgomery Roseburg OR
Heather Mosier Roseburg OR
Hope Mounts Roseburg OR
Katelyn Nelson Roseburg OR
Bryanna Oelrich Roseburg OR
Josephine Orsingher Roseburg OR
Cara Painter Roseburg OR
David Parker Roseburg OR
Kylee Patterson Roseburg OR
Olivia Pautot Roseburg OR
Dina Peiro Roseburg OR
John Perez Roseburg OR
Tyler Peterson Roseburg OR
Adrienne Powell Roseburg OR
Brianna Price Roseburg OR
Heather Reaney Roseburg OR
Julianna Rikard Roseburg OR
Nathaniel Roberts Roseburg OR
David Rodriguez Roseburg OR
Lexee Roseen Roseburg OR
Katrina Rosemire Roseburg OR
Samantha Rothacker Roseburg OR
Danielle Sanchez Roseburg OR
Zachary Sanford Roseburg OR
Abigail Sidlo Roseburg OR
Cheyenne Smith Roseburg OR
Rona Smith Roseburg OR
Jamie Snead Roseburg OR
Nicole Staggs Roseburg OR
Eric Stauder Roseburg OR
Michaela Stevens Roseburg OR
Taylor Stricklin Roseburg OR
Ashley Sulffridge Roseburg OR
Allison Swartzendruber Roseburg OR
Chase Taylor Roseburg OR
Nicholas Thomas Roseburg OR
Ricky Tingle Roseburg OR
Jason Tolar Roseburg OR
Hanya Vargas Roseburg OR
Brittany Watts Roseburg OR
Nicholas Wayman Roseburg OR
Cole Weaver Roseburg OR
Abbie Webber Roseburg OR
Isabell Webber Roseburg OR
Alyssa Williams Roseburg OR
Hannah Williams Roseburg OR
Codey Winslow Roseburg OR
Camron Wright Roseburg OR
Brandon Young Roseburg OR
Viviana Young Roseburg OR
Kimberly Ortiz Scio OR
Karla Alcantar Sutherlin OR
Pamela Bordenave Sutherlin OR
Clayton Dee Sutherlin OR
Dustin Eakin Sutherlin OR
Esten Harrington Sutherlin OR
Cheyenne Janzen Sutherlin OR
Rebekah Kresky Sutherlin OR
Cameron Lemke Sutherlin OR
Carlos Lopez Sutherlin OR
Bryan Lyman Sutherlin OR
Emilee Malinoff Sutherlin OR
Emma Matteo Sutherlin OR
Urara Moreland Sutherlin OR
Sean O'Connell Sutherlin OR
Haley Phillips Sutherlin OR
Kimberly Ray Sutherlin OR
James Reinwald Sutherlin OR
Jared Rhyne Sutherlin OR
Amber Schriner Sutherlin OR
Janessa Sharp Sutherlin OR
Christina Steward Sutherlin OR
Kenzie Stone Sutherlin OR
Jordan Stookey Sutherlin OR
Nicholas Strode Sutherlin OR
Hannah Turner Sutherlin OR
Margaret Turner Sutherlin OR
William Turner Sutherlin OR
Mandy Warner Sutherlin OR
Savannah Willis Sutherlin OR
Nathaniel Hartwig Tenmile OR
Thomas Horner Umpqua OR
Daniel Loomis Umpqua OR
Jenna Anderson Winchester OR
Madison Becker Winchester OR
Hannah Friedlein Winchester OR
Christian Hanson Winchester OR
Savanna Hubbard Winchester OR
Daniel Isenberger Winchester OR
Whitney Jackson Winchester OR
Kyrie Keffer Winchester OR
Katherine Meier Winchester OR
Courtney Sakraida Winchester OR
MacKenzie Short Winchester OR
Jenna Smith Winchester OR
Ian Thomas Winchester OR
Christopher Broadsword Winston OR
Haylie Ellison Winston OR
Maegan Hartley Winston OR
Gema Jaime Winston OR
Dinah Johnson Winston OR
Taylor Lindsey Winston OR
Amy Mandera Winston OR
Dianna Manning Winston OR
Traci Melson Winston OR
Ashley Pena Winston OR
Savannah Perkins Winston OR
Hayden Smart Winston OR
Jacob Thomas Winston OR
Jonathan VanDermark Winston OR
Emily Warren Winston OR
Melanie Frasieur Yoncalla OR
Brittany McHaffie Yoncalla OR
Erick Neely Yoncalla OR
Jessica Powers Yoncalla OR

Dean’s Honor Roll

Jordan Lehrer Livingston MT
Andrew Mayfield Sparks NV
Oliver Lemley Canyonville OR
Bailey May Cottage Grove OR
Thomas Barber Drain OR
Kenyh Crockett Drain OR
Kalli Frieze Drain OR
Yvonne Meza Drain OR
Dariyan Woodard Elkton OR
Melodye Collins Glide OR
Stephanie Geiger Glide OR
Jacob Maynes Glide OR
Oscar Ramirez Glide OR
Grant Laiblin Harrisburg OR
Alex Holland Idleyld Park OR
Quentin Bingham Myrtle Creek OR
Julia Cadd Myrtle Creek OR
Kayla Johnson Myrtle Creek OR
Emma Lind Myrtle Creek OR
Erica Risch Myrtle creek OR
Jade Stanford-Whightsil Myrtle Creek OR
Tyler Vey Myrtle Creek OR
Victoria Greenwalt Oakland OR
Jesse Ingram Oakland OR
Archie Nichols Oakland OR
Edwin Powers Oakland OR
Larla Powers Oakland OR
Vladimir Sovyak Oakland OR
Ron Stribling Oakland OR
Danielle Heinisch Riddle OR
John Bastianelli Roseburg OR
Justin Bates Roseburg OR
Alexis Bergh Roseburg OR
Anthony Briggs Roseburg OR
Wade Christensen Roseburg OR
Gavin Clark Roseburg OR
Christa Clausen Roseburg OR
Ramsie Cooley Roseburg OR
Christian DeWeese Roseburg OR
Curtis Eggers Roseburg OR
Joanah Fallin Roseburg OR
Chloe Fink Roseburg OR
April Flamion Roseburg OR
Matthew Gabbard Roseburg OR
Isabelle Green Roseburg OR
Kevin Greene Roseburg OR
Kyle Hansen Roseburg OR
Shaun Henry Roseburg OR
Bryan Hewitt Roseburg OR
Eric Hoang Roseburg OR
Susan Jarvis Roseburg OR
Araya Jensen Roseburg OR
Danielle Johnson Roseburg OR
Alana Kilby Roseburg OR
John Kunis Roseburg OR
Lyle Lee Roseburg OR
Bailey Licari Roseburg OR
Austin Maillet Roseburg OR
Rani Manning Roseburg OR
Sarah Mapes Roseburg OR
Kyla Mays Roseburg OR
Alexandria Mignola Roseburg OR
James Morhain Roseburg OR
Sarah Orsingher Roseburg OR
Fallon Peters Roseburg OR
Nicole Peterson Roseburg OR
Parker Phillips Roseburg OR
Ross Pinard Roseburg OR
Shannon Reel Roseburg OR
Dylan Rose Roseburg OR
Ian Royal Roseburg OR
Melissa Sapp Roseburg OR
Jeremiah Scroggins Roseburg OR
Michael Sell Roseburg OR
Kelby Senger Roseburg OR
Wyatt Tyson Roseburg OR
Jacob Vanderkarr Roseburg OR
David Vasquez Roseburg OR
Samantha Vath Roseburg OR
Annette Vicencio Roseburg OR
Zackery Watkins Roseburg OR
Lilyanna Wheaton Roseburg OR
Joey Williams Roseburg OR
Nargiza Zhumanazarova Roseburg OR
Jaclyn Hayes Springfield OR
Mariah Bebeau Sutherlin OR
Rhiannon Cornish Sutherlin OR
Trevor Dodds Sutherlin OR
Ryan Eakin Sutherlin OR
Gabriel Fragoso Sutherlin OR
Peter Greenham Sutherlin OR
Jocelyn Hanan Sutherlin OR
Madison Hunt Sutherlin OR
Mia Lahley Sutherlin OR
Shanna McMahan Sutherlin OR
Stephanie Ohler Sutherlin OR
Darryl Ray Sutherlin OR
Tennille Redmond Sutherlin OR
Tanya Russell Sutherlin OR
Amber Schmid Sutherlin OR
Serena Swanson Sutherlin OR
Gretchen Thomas Sutherlin OR
Marina Fowler Tenmile OR
McKenzie James Tenmile OR
Sarah Mason Tenmile OR
Katherine Van Roekel Umpqua OR
Sydney Long-Miele Winchester OR
Margaret Walker Winchester OR
Ashley Hobson Winston OR
Aurora Hobson Winston OR
Caleb Hobson Winston OR
Cecile Hobson Winston OR
Matthew Knight Winston OR
Blade Neilsen Winston OR
Eric Pearce Winston OR
Ian VanGordon Winston OR
Lauren Bickel Yoncalla OR
Erika Dickey Yoncalla OR
Whitney Newell Yoncalla OR
April Santos Yoncalla OR

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