Winter Term Honor Roll

You got the A grade!

UCC is proud to recognize the effort its students put forth in order to reach excellence! 

ROSEBURG, Ore. – The Umpqua Community College (UCC) Director of Registration and Records has announced the 2020 Winter Term Honor Roll. The President’s List (3.75 or higher GPA) is comprised of 220 full-time students (12 credits or more), and 121 students are on the Dean's List (3.74 to 3.50 GPA).

The names and cities of residence are as accurate as possible at the time of publication. Students requesting confidentiality are not published.

President’s List

Laura Ekada Fairbanks AK
Quinten Davidoff Victoria BC
Bryan Lopez Castro Sun Valley NV
Madison Bright Evan Mills NY
Paula Preston Allegany OR
Ava Altig Ashland OR
Emily Haptonstall Ashland OR
Hannah Holtby Ashland OR
Elizabeth Turner Beaverton OR
Brenda Abbott Bend OR
Harold Ashton Camas Valley OR
Michel Bartlett Camas Valley OR
Nicole Johnston Camas Valley OR
Shelby Payne Camas Valley OR
Hunter Langley Canyonville OR
Kacy Buxton Canyonville OR
Katelyn Buxton Canyonville OR
Laura Brigl Coburg OR
McKenna Wilson Coquille OR
Adam Lamb Cottage Grove OR
Katelynn Corrigan Cottage Grove OR
Madisen Eusted Creswell OR
Caleb Kruzic Days Creek OR
Kimberly Machacek Dillard OR
Boyd Duncil Eagle Point OR
Keith Osmack Elkton OR
Kevin Donagan Eugene OR
Stella Wilson-Hamaker Eugene OR
Ostyn Crano Glendale OR
Ashley Cunningham Glide OR
India Dishman Glide OR
Stephanie Geiger Glide OR
Tanner Trimble Glide OR
Trevor Roland GLIDE OR
Angela Milburn Grants Pass OR
Cody Milburn Grants Pass OR
Krista Peterson Grants Pass OR
May Sands Idleyld Park OR
Mason Burgess Junction City OR
Trent Keeler Junction City OR
Tyler Covalt Keizer OR
Braydon Wright Klamath Falls OR
Jonathan Gassman Medford OR
Joshua Robbins Medford OR
Marisa Hillburn Medford OR
Connor Laeng Monmouth OR
Cathy McAllister Myrtle Creek OR
Jacoby Faas Myrtle Creek OR
Kathryn Dimeglio Myrtle Creek OR
Mae Hoopes Myrtle Creek OR
Melissa Annand Myrtle Creek OR
Michael Powell Myrtle Creek OR
Nathan Phillips Myrtle Creek OR
Samantha Bergmann Myrtle Creek OR
Sarah Dick Myrtle Creek OR
Savannah Russell Myrtle Creek OR
Schyler Jackson Myrtle Creek OR
Shantel Stratton Myrtle Creek OR
Stephen Cooksey Myrtle Creek OR
Michelle Acosta Newberg OR
Brenden Terrell Oakland OR
Collette Whitaker Oakland OR
Crystal Lane Oakland OR
Isaac Cherry Oakland OR
Jesika Barnes Oakland OR
Kevin Staninger Oakland OR
Owen Cherry Oakland OR
Paige Bayless Oakland OR
Elisabeth Kaneshiro Riddle OR
Alana Kilby Roseburg OR
Alexander Simmons Roseburg OR
Alexandra Fessenden Roseburg OR
Alora Conklin Roseburg OR
Alysha Lafleur Roseburg OR
Alyssa Carter Roseburg OR
Amanda Todd Roseburg OR
Amy Jordan Roseburg OR
Andrew Whightsil Roseburg OR
Ashlee Daniels Roseburg OR
Ashley Wene Roseburg OR
Ashtyn Hooten Roseburg OR
Benard Luff Roseburg OR
Benjamin Hobert Roseburg OR
Bethany Endicott Roseburg OR
Boone Olson Roseburg OR
Brody Black Roseburg OR
Caitlin Hatton Roseburg OR
Caleb Gladding Roseburg OR
Cali Feigel Roseburg OR
Catherine Blocher Roseburg OR
Christa Clausen Roseburg OR
Christian Breakfield Roseburg OR
Christopher Thomson Roseburg OR
Codey Fields Roseburg OR
Daniel Hunter Roseburg OR
David Parker Roseburg OR
David Wagoner Roseburg OR
Elizabeth Lansberry Roseburg OR
Eric Branagan Roseburg OR
Ethan Winn Roseburg OR
Fernando Bitelli Cokeli Vilani Roseburg OR
Gina Hawley Roseburg OR
Ian Cormack Roseburg OR
Jackie Tolley Roseburg OR
Jaime Harvey Roseburg OR
Jamie Singleton Roseburg OR
Jasmine Mishler Roseburg OR
Jayden Fong Roseburg OR
Jazlyn Alexander Gingery Roseburg OR
Jeffery Sternbeck Roseburg OR
Jennifer Ford Roseburg OR
Jessica Bartlett Roseburg OR
Jessica Grubbs Roseburg OR
Johnathan Finnie Roseburg OR
Jordan Mead Roseburg OR
Jordan Schuyler Roseburg OR
Julia Cadd Roseburg OR
Justin Smith Roseburg OR
Kamilah Mirza Roseburg OR
Kara Willetts Roseburg OR
Karen Davies-Rogers Roseburg OR
Karey Lomica Roseburg OR
Karina DiStefano Roseburg OR
Karissa Rosenquist Roseburg OR
Kelly Augustine Roseburg OR
Kimberly Kuntz Roseburg OR
Kohlton Kuczler Roseburg OR
Libby Fregoso Roseburg OR
Lila Ferguson Roseburg OR
Lilliann Restrepo Roseburg OR
Lindsey Willis Roseburg OR
Maddison Gwaltney Roseburg OR
Madelyn Taylor Roseburg OR
Madison Muir Roseburg OR
Margaret Walker Roseburg OR
Marissa Fuentes Roseburg OR
Marissa Smith Roseburg OR
Mashayla Belloir Roseburg OR
Megan Tate Roseburg OR
Michael Buchan Roseburg OR
Misty Beebe Roseburg OR
Moriah Nielsen Roseburg OR
Naomi Roebuck Roseburg OR
Pamela Kuk Roseburg OR
Patricia Morhain Roseburg OR
Quinlan Wedge Roseburg OR
Rebecca Ertler Roseburg OR
Rebekah Cole Roseburg OR
Ryan Huntley Roseburg OR
Ryan Remington Roseburg OR
Samantha Winters Roseburg OR
Sara Seder Roseburg OR
Scott Wright Roseburg OR
Sierra Jordan Roseburg OR
Sophia Cohan Roseburg OR
Stephen Patoine Roseburg OR
Thomas Walt Roseburg OR
Todd Spanberger Roseburg OR
Trinity Whitley Roseburg OR
Tristan Maclean Roseburg OR
Tyla Elam Roseburg OR
Willis Alexander Roseburg OR
Zachary Traul Roseburg OR
Zorah Voigt Roseburg OR
Grant Ortiz Scio OR
Amber Alves Springfield OR
Brooklyn Gilbert Springfield OR
Jared Painter Springfield OR
Mariah Annis Springfield OR
Sarah Pearson Springfield OR
Sheena Reed Springfield OR
Amilee McCracken Sutherlin OR
Anne Hadwen Sutherlin OR
Bo Blum Sutherlin OR
David Rethwill Sutherlin OR
Erin Hayes Sutherlin OR
Faith Byars Sutherlin OR
Grace Gettys Sutherlin OR
Hannah Horvath Sutherlin OR
Joaquin Vicencio Sutherlin OR
Joshua Iwed Sutherlin OR
Kiela Manes Sutherlin OR
Madison Hunt Sutherlin OR
Megan Bradley Sutherlin OR
Penelope Johnston Sutherlin OR
Skyler Harrington Sutherlin OR
Teila Thompson Sutherlin OR
Tennille Redmond Sutherlin OR
Thomas Goddard Sutherlin OR
Thomas Williams Sutherlin OR
Trina Thompson Sutherlin OR
Tucker Clement Sutherlin OR
Vyla Grindberg Sutherlin OR
Elaina Dowdy Tenmile OR
McKenzie James Tenmile OR
Ashley Haywood Tualatin OR
Andrea Campos Umpqua OR
Melissa Talley Veneta OR
Aleta Campman Winchester OR
Braden Abbott Winchester OR
Brooklyn Remington Winchester OR
Faith Edwards Winchester OR
James Dauterman Winchester OR
Kassandra Miller Winchester OR
Shaelee Shears Winchester OR
Alysha Hamilton Winston OR
Brittany Bratlie Winston OR
Emery Goin Winston OR
Holly Wileman Winston OR
Jadyn McAbee Winston OR
Jay Buschmann Winston OR
Jennifer Smalley Winston OR
Joyce Blair Winston OR
Kenia Bates Winston OR
Michael Wanamaker Winston OR
Miranda Steele Winston OR
Tammy Frank Winston OR
Esthela Trevino Cypress TX
Spencer Campbell Pleasant View UT
Sienna Riggle Stansbury Park UT

Dean's List

Sienna Lejeune Elk Grove CA
Lauren Eilts Redding CA
Parker Wynn Blachly OR
Bryson Wolfe Camas Valley OR
Derek OConnor Camas Valley OR
Jacob Payne Camas Valley OR
James Beans Camas Valley OR
Justin Standley Camas Valley OR
Keala Takahashi Camas Valley OR
Cyndal Brown Canyonville OR
Jakob Berlingeri Canyonville OR
Micheal Langley Canyonville OR
Justin Helgren Drain OR
Ryan Sandoval Eagle Point OR
Charlie Updegrave Eugene OR
Matthew Bradshaw Eugene OR
Alicia Kutz Glide OR
Austin Thingvall Glide OR
Charlotte Lewis Glide OR
Cyller Cunningham Glide OR
Evelynn Villanueva Glide OR
Gordon Thompson Glide OR
Sarah McClelland Glide OR
Eric Jenkins Grants Pass OR
Jenny Fisher Hermiston OR
Sarah Collins Idleyld Park OR
Joshua Zohar Medford OR
Ashley Schellhase Myrtle Creek OR
Eva Graham Myrtle Creek OR
Jasmine Warren Myrtle Creek OR
Minah Kim Myrtle Creek OR
McKenzie Carrier Oakland OR
Steven Hanks Oakland OR
Reggi Cramer Portland OR
Angel Mae Bioy Riddle OR
John Young Riddle OR
Aimee Markillie Roseburg OR
Alyssa Malek Roseburg OR
Andariel Lehi Roseburg OR
Austin Miller Roseburg OR
Benjamin Cornell Roseburg OR
Beverly Roberts Roseburg OR
Brittany Perry Roseburg OR
Cesia Duclos-Ayala Roseburg OR
Chance Gregor Roseburg OR
Christian Powell Roseburg OR
Christina Townsend Roseburg OR
Christopher Willis Roseburg OR
Colleen Jackson Roseburg OR
Cory Edwards Roseburg OR
Dalton Pariani Roseburg OR
Daniel Roesel Roseburg OR
Debra Sullivan Roseburg OR
Eden Heinrichsen Roseburg OR
Eli Rust Roseburg OR
Grace Backen Roseburg OR
Gracelynn Tyson Roseburg OR
Hannah Lee Roseburg OR
Hannah Nestripke Roseburg OR
Hunter Hillard Roseburg OR
Isabella Barragan Roseburg OR
Jacob Luther Roseburg OR
Jacob Mesa Roseburg OR
Jacqueline Janzen Roseburg OR
Jared Wilson Roseburg OR
Jason Salinas Roseburg OR
Jordan Morrow Roseburg OR
Joshua McDonald Roseburg OR
Katelyn Crawford Roseburg OR
Katelyn Roady Roseburg OR
Katlyn Belcher Roseburg OR
Kaylee Hendron Roseburg OR
Kolten Mortensen Roseburg OR
Lainey Rincon Roseburg OR
Lauren Houston Roseburg OR
Michael Barry Roseburg OR
Miranda Vierra Roseburg OR
Moya Damberger Roseburg OR
Noah Davis Roseburg OR
Noel Krissie Roseburg OR
Patrick Thompson Roseburg OR
Peyton Burnett Roseburg OR
Rachel Webb Roseburg OR
Robert Montgomery Roseburg OR
Ryan Morast Roseburg OR
Sarah Goodwin Roseburg OR
Selena Jackson Roseburg OR
Seletha Rasmussen Roseburg OR
Stacia Sigvartsen Roseburg OR
Tanner Lux Roseburg OR
Taylor Brooks Roseburg OR
Taylor Martin Roseburg OR
Valen Rodriguez Roseburg OR
Vivian Mackey Roseburg OR
Edouard Boyzo Garay Salem OR
Kimberly Ortiz Scio OR
Alisha Leonard Springfield OR
Amber Pilson Sutherlin OR
Brooke Graves Sutherlin OR
Carissa Erickson Sutherlin OR
Carver Beck Sutherlin OR
Dena Felix Sutherlin OR
Fatima Chavez Sutherlin OR
Gabriel Fragoso Sutherlin OR
Khrystal Abbott Sutherlin OR
Kylie Atterbury Sutherlin OR
Raichel Wolfe Sutherlin OR
Ryan King Sutherlin OR
Cole Kinman Tualatin OR
Heidi Shirley Wilbur OR
Grace Campbell Winchester OR
Heather Dornon Winchester OR
Peter Stevens Winchester OR
Shayla Limatoc Winchester OR
Brenda Butterfield Winston OR
Cassandra Watson Winston OR
Benjamin Simons Yoncalla OR
Tanner Quinton Bountiful UT
Isaac Lungren Saratoga Springs UT
Brock Gilbert Syracuse UT
Chase Lindsay Standwood WA

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