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UCC is committed to your success in achieving academic goals and providing opportunities to go beyond. See how lives have been transformed at UCC in our Ask Me About UCC stories.

"The fact that I was on that pathway and that I was able to show that I would have my Drafting Certificate made me qualified to move into that internship."

Josh Corrington, Intern at Pinnacle Engineering, Inc. and UCC Engineering Student

"What's cool here at UCC, that I don't think you have everywhere, is the community involvement."

Jaymen Bendele, Fire Science and EMS Student

Career Academy

"We just finished disassembling this V-8 engine. I’m potentially wanting to become a mechanic - probably work at a shop."

Bryce, Career Academy - Automotive

Emily Michel

"The CIS degree and the IT role equipped me with advanced technical skills that were necessary in preparation for my position at Con-Vey. Without it, my life would probably be a lot different"

Josh, UCC CIS Alum

“I'm excited to get to work and help others in the community.”

Tim Kazzee, Human Services Student

“I love UCC because you can tell it's more than a job for staff and teachers to help students. They really want people to be successful in their lives and that care is really special to me."

Mikayla Cooper, UCC Alum, Dental Assisting

Samantha Robertson

"I have two kids, ages 11 and 5 and kids are so refreshing. I want to love on them and inspire them. I grew up in a small community and would like to work in smaller rural communities, such as Myrtle Creek, where there is a need for educators."

Samantha Robertson, Early Childhood Education student

Emily Michel

"I love how inclusive my instructor is and how she gives us a lot of room for creative expression"

Emily Michel, OSU-Cascades Transfer & UCC Alum

Vani Dudala

"UCC is a great college with a high standard for education and success. The professors were amazing. They were able to teach the courses in a way that was easy to understand and learn."

Vani Dudala, Coding Specialist & UCC Alum

Vani Dudala

“The atmosphere here is comfortable, and I am encouraged to learn, as I feel motivated. UCC has so much to offer students, and there are people that are ready to support you and welcome you.”

Ceci Potter, Whitworth University Transfer & UCC Alum

"I think the main reason why I love UCC is just the sense of community. You just belong at UCC no matter who you are or where you are in life and I really love that."

Erin Duckworth-Gilley, Program Developmet Specialist & Alum

Leesa Sterner

"Just when I think I've received the cream of the crop, the next year's student is even better."

Leesa Sterner, Clinical Teaching Associate at MMC

 Landen Chung

 “I love the UCC experience. The professors like to get to know you and hear your stories and they will share their stories as well."

Landen Chung, UCC pre-Nursing Student

"Everything was online. Canvas was very easy to use, and I was able to make those connections with other classmates and discussion groups."

Alexander Quirarte, UCCOnline Paralegal Student

Nathan Anderson

“Benjamin Franklin once wrote that ‘An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.’ For me, Umpqua Community College has been the best bank I’ve ever used.”

Nathan Anderson, UCC Instructor, Alum

Steven Szabo

“I've had two careers in my life, one in customer service and the other in IT. I'm really looking forward to starting a third as a paralegal.”

Steven Szabo, Paralegal, UCC Alum

"The critical thinking that Hal got us all to do. It doesn't apply just to Engineering ... I use it every day ... Thanks Hal."

Andy Owens, CEO-manager A & M Transport, UCC Alum

"...and she's is doing amazing things. So it's those students that we have seen come through and we still get to see where they're at is just amazing."

Jessica Richardson, Recruitment and Advising Coordinator & UCC Alum

“Community College is an excellent launching pad for anyone who wants to continue their education and go much farther into human service work.”

Alex Jardon, UCC Human Services Professor

“UCC is so accepting of so many people with so many different backgrounds, and they really want to see students succeed.”

Justina Martin, UCC ABS/GED Instructor & Alum

T Krone, UCC student, Human Services

“I like to call this study room my little bubble,” said T Krone. “People here are like a giant family, and I run into so many friendly people in the community.”

T Krone, UCC student, Human Services

“I know that I'm not the same person I was when I started here. But that first door is what got me here.”

Chase Gilley, UCC Digital Content Technologist & Alum

“Being a first-generation college student, I didn't really know how to start ... I found the TRiO Program.”

Becky Attaway, UCC TRiO Program Assistant & Alum

“I had some really great instructors. All of the staff were friendly, supportive, and willing to help in any way possible. I just really cherish my time at UCC.”

Lieutenant Brad O'Dell, Douglas County Sheriff's Office & UCC Alum

“It's really beneficial to be able to come out to UCC and have those things offered locally. The basics and the knowledge that you get from the courses that are offered I think are huge in the long run.”

Tristan Guillen, Firefighter/Paramedic & UCC Alum

“It's a great way to transition into that next stage of their life. We have that opportunity to provide a student with the firsthand experience of what it's like to be a teacher in the classroom."

Gwen Soderberg-Chase, UCC Professor and STEAM Hub Director

“The skills I picked up here I still use today even though I am no longer the office manager but the president and CEO.”

Steve Swanson, CEO of local forest products manufacturer, Swanson Group Inc

“The time that I spent here really changed my life and made me find the career that I have today. I am grateful for it.”

Josh Arnold, a technician for Toyota

“I love UCC because they want to be inclusive and make it accessible for people with disabilities, queer students and all genders, and everyone to feel included and loved.”

Melissa Roy, UCC Paralegal student

“UCC is the place to be and it’s really a stepping stone for much larger careers.”

Keith & Joanne Longie, Alumni, Class of 1970

“UCC has helped me throughout my journey. The nursing program is really awesome — this is amazing.”

Analyn McCoy, UCC Nursing student

“So many people who have gone on to be successful in their lives can trace their start back to Umpqua Community College.”

Lee & Robin Paterson, Alumni, Class of 1971


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