Explanation of Fees

At UCC, a student may be required to pay fees in addition to tuition. Credit classes require some “per credit” fees; term fees are charged each term; and course fees are associated with a specific class.

Student Resources Fee

The Student Resources Fee is composed of the combination of the following four fees:

Athletic Fee

Supports student engagement in athletic events, utilization of the athletic facilities (fitness center, pool during open swim).

Student Activity Fee

Paid by students taking credit classes, this fee helps fund the operations of the Student Life office and supports student activities (including athletics). The fee funds the college contract with Umpqua Transit, which provides credit students with a reduced priced bus pass for the term.

Student Fee for SUCCESS Program

Paid by students taking credit classes, this fee supports the Tutoring Center and Peer Mentor program.

Technology Fee

Provides for the upkeep and renewal of campus technology infrastructure in support of classrooms, computer labs, and campus information systems.

Legacy Fee

The fee will be used to fund new construction on campus and deferred maintenance on existing buildings.

Instructional Fee

Paid by students taking credit classes, this fee supports the cost associated with labs and lecture/lab class formats.

Credit Registration Fee

This fee is charged each term to students who enroll in undergraduate credit classes. The proceeds go toward placement testing, degree/certificate application process, academic transcripts, degree verifications, and other record-keeping. Effective summer term 2023, fees are charged to part-time students only.

UCC Online & Hybrid Class Fees

Fees pay for costs associated with providing students with online courses, including the delivery platform. Effective for courses beginning summer 2023, online and hybrid fees have been elminated.

Course Fees

Course fees pay for the materials & supplies associated with the class you are taking (ie: lab supplies for a Science class or liability insurance for Nursing). Some courses are offered as self support and carry a fee amount that is required for course delivery and materials.