Students who withdraw from one or more UCC courses and who have complied with regulations governing withdrawals, are entitled to certain refunds of tuition depending on the time of withdrawal. Refunds are limited to students who comply with withdrawal procedures. See Withdrawals

Full tuition is refunded if a withdrawal is made during the first week of fall, winter and spring terms. During summer, full tuition is refunded if a student withdrawal is made during the first three days of the 8-week session, and during the first two business days of each four-week session. No tuition refund will be made if withdrawal is made after these times.

Refunds in all cases are calculated from the date a refund is requested. It is not calculated from the date student ceased attending class. The only exception is in an unusual case in which a delay occurred for reasons beyond the student’s control. Students will receive full refunds for courses cancelled by UCC. Certain fees are non-refundable.

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