Important Disbursement Information

Financial Aid Handbook

Financial Aid Pays Out Based on Enrollment Status

To receive financial aid funds, students must be enrolled in coursework required for their educational program. Changes in enrolled credits may result in a reduction or cancellation of the financial aid offer. It is the student’s responsibility to drop classes they are no longer attending.

  • 12 or more credits = Full-Time (Full Financial Aid Payout)
  • 9-11 credits = Three-Quarter Time (Reduced Financial Aid Payout)
  • 6-8 credits = Half-Time (Reduced Financial Aid Payout)
  • 5 or fewer credits = One-Quarter Time (Reduced Financial Aid Payout)

Census Date

Census date is defined as Monday at 8:30 am of the second week of the term. The credits that a student is registered for at this time, is locked and that is the enrollment status that will determine the student’s Financial Aid disbursement.


On the second Friday of each term (with the exception of Thursday during summer term) the student’s financial aid funds in excess of institutional charges will be made available through two means:

Classes that start later in the term will impact a student’s enrollment status and disbursement.  Funds will continue to be direct deposited or mailed on Fridays, throughout the term, and on Thursday’s during the summer term.

Loan Disbursement Information
  • For first time borrowers, Federal Regulations require that the first disbursement of Federal Direct Stafford Loans not be released until 30 days after the term begins.
  • For one term loans, Federal Regulations require that one term loans be disbursed in two equal payments.
  • You must be enrolled in AND attending at least 6 credits for loan funds to disburse.
Summer Term

Student cost of attendance is based on a minimum of 8 weeks of class attendance. If your class schedule is less than 8 weeks you will receive an adjustment to your cost of attendance. This may cause an adjustment to the amount of aid you are offered.

Purchasing Your Books

UCC offers a Bookstore charge privilege for students with accepted aid offer. Students may charge textbooks at the UCC Hawk Shop Bookstore; if they have web accepted their Title IV Authorization to charge textbooks towards their financial aid and have a remaining balance after subtracting tuition, fees, and other institutional charges from their financial aid offer. Indicate to the Bookstore cashier that you want to use your financial aid to charge your required textbooks and other educational items.

Book Allowance

Students that have satisfied all requirements may request a Book Allowance Form. If eligible, completing this form allows students to purchase textbooks at the UCC Hawks Shop Bookstore before the aid offering process. Charges for textbooks and required supplies are deducted from the current term financial aid offer. Please contact the Financial Aid Office or the Bookstore if you have any questions. (Automotive, and Welding program students have special allowances and should visit the Financial Aid Office or speak with their instructor for more information).

Consortium Classes
  • All classes through UCC will be included when reviewing satisfactory academic progress.
  • For students aided under a consortium agreement with another college will have their consortium classes be included during satisfactory academic progress review by the financial aid processing institute. Click here to view the form.

Financial Aid Policies Unusual Circumstances