Dual Credit

Dual Credit allows you to take college-level classes through approved high school teachers at your high school. Class offerings vary by high school but include transfer courses, such as writing and math, and well as career and technical courses, such as welding and medical terminology.

Dual credit courses are free, and can save you hundreds of dollars per course. Dual credits are regular UCC college credits and most will transfer to other colleges and universities. To determine how each course specifically transfers, students should check with that particular institution, and the Office of Early College can help.

If you are interested, start by talking with your high school counselor about dual credit offerings at your high school. Most students must be 16 and be ready for increased academic rigor. Some courses require a placement test to determine eligibility.

Already connected to your counselor? Here’s how to apply and enroll

  1. Complete the application (mark dual credit).
  2. Access the student email account and set the password. This same password will be used to access Self-Service Banner (student account system).
  3. The high school instructor or Office of Early College staff will provide the CRN for dual credit classes, as they are not available online.
  4. Register with the CRN online through Self-Service Banner, with a “Registration and Schedule Change Form”, or utilizing the student email.
Courses by High School
Dual Credit Student Guide
Dual Credit Instructor Resources

Interested in teaching courses at your high school for UCC?

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