TRIO for high school students

Upward Bound & Educational Talent Search

Free academic support and career assistance is available for middle to high school students to plan and prepare for college. Connect with a close-knit group and establish your support system to help you reach your goals.

Over $600k per year is provided through federal funding to help students develop academic skills, study habits, career plans, and learn how to be successful.

Both Programs Include:

  • Academic assistance
  • Trips to college campuses and cultural events
  • Free tutoring in high school subjects
  • SAT/ACT preparation (we pay the fees)
  • Career counseling and exploration
  • College planning and exploration
  • College application assistance (we pay the fees)
  • Financial Literacy – FAFSA and scholarship assistance

Upward Bound Program Additional Benefits

If you are a High School Student at Douglas, Roseburg, South Umpqua or Days Creek Charter School, you could qualify for Upward Bound. You receive all the same benefits above, plus:

  • Up to $40 per month stipend during the academic year and up to $60 per month during the summer academic program (June and July).
  • Paid summer work study opportunities (up to $300).
  • Up to 12 free credits (tuition) at UCC for summer term classes (we pay for books and fees in summer,) or fall classes (tuition only,) following graduation from high school.
  • Community service and volunteer opportunities.

You can qualify for one of these programs if you are a:

  • First-generation college student, low-income
  • Citizen or permanent resident of the United States

Program Comparison

Upward Bound
Educational Talent Search
Up to $40 (academic year) and up to $60 per month (summer) stipend and work study opportunities up to $300 No stipend.
12 paid credits at UCC in summer or fall following graduation from high school 7 paid credits at UCC in summer or fall following graduation from high school
Monthly seminars with various subjects, activities, guest speakers or community service 30 minurtes to one hour meetings per month
High school ages up to 19 Ages 11 – 27
High Schools: Douglas, South Umpqua, Roseburg, Days Creek Charter High Schools: Douglas, Sutherlin, South Umpqua, Winston, Glide, Riddle, Roseburg

Middle Schools: Sutherlin, Coffenberry, Riddle, Freemont, Glide

College: Returning students