How to Transfer to a University

You have decided to start your college career here at Umpqua Community College and finish it at another college or university. What’s next?


Research Colleges.

Choose your major and connect with your advisors.

During your first two terms at UCC you should:

  • meet with your advisor to plan courses based on your educational goal.
  • explore majors that align with your career goals.
  • begin researching universities that have the majors/programs you are seeking.

Ideally, aim at settling on a major and future college by the end of your second term. Having this information will help you choose courses over the rest of your time at UCC that will likely transfer to your future college.

Having trouble settling on a major? Try these career resources or visit Career Services to help you find your interests and career possibilities.

Checklist to Help Prepare for Your Advising Appointment

Research Colleges.

What are the transfer requirements at your future university?

Once you have settled on a college to attend after UCC you will want to gather information about your future college to help make the transition smooth. The transfer colleges website can get you started.

Most colleges also have a transfer advisor who can be very helpful in guiding you.

Questions to ask when researching your future university:

  • When is the best time to apply?
  • What are the requirements are to apply as a transfer (not a freshman) student?
  • How many credits are required?
  • What are the completed classes and GPA requirements?
  • What special scholarships are available and when is the application due date?
  • Will transferring with an Associate’s Degree allow you to enter with junior status.
Plan your courses.

What are the Best Courses to Take at UCC Before you Transfer?

Most colleges have general education courses that are required for all degrees. These are perfect courses to complete at UCC. There will also be courses that are specific to the major you are going into.

On your future school’s website:

  • Find the required general education courses (These courses might have other names like “University Studies”, “Core Education”, or “Group Requirements”.)
  • Find the courses required for your major. These will often be found in an “advising guide” on the college program web page.
  • Look for an equivalency guide. This will tell you how your UCC courses will transfer to your future school. Visit the university transfer page. If you have trouble finding this information, connect with UCC’s transfer advisor or an advisor at your future university for assistance.

Work with your UCC advisor to plan your courses to maximize the chance that as many credits will transfer as possible.

Will your UCC classes transfer? This guide will show you which courses at UCC will transfer to the 7 public universities in Oregon.

Plan your finances.

How will you Pay For College as You Transition?

  • Check with the advisor at your future college to find out if there are any special scholarships to apply for.
  • Find out the application deadlines.
  • Work with academic advisors from both schools, and the financial aid office from both schools to make sure you are meeting the requirements and deadlines.
  • You cannot receive financial aid from more than one school at the same time unless you have a consortium agreement, so make sure to end your aid at UCC when your aid is scheduled to begin at your transfer school.
Reach out for help.

Where Do You Turn for Help?

  • Attend Oregon Transfer Days in January. Check your student email for an invitation. Contact your advisor if you can’t find it. This event is attended by most colleges in Oregon (and even some outside Oregon!). It’s a good chance to connect with advisors from other colleges.
  • Look on your future college’s website to find virtual “transfer fairs” or events. Students who attend these events will often have their application fee waived.
  • Connect with your future advisor. This person will help you evaluate your transcript and help create a transfer guide for you.
  • Connect with UCC’sTransfer Advisor or your current Academic Advisor to help guide you through the transfer process.