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Study to be an Accountant, Administrator, Marketing Specialist, Retail Manager, Viticulturist and more.

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  • Learn basic principles such as financial statements, inventory, payroll, debt and equity financing
  • Practical skills taught by individuals with in-depth industry knowledge and experience

$21/hr. median salary | 72 job openings in Douglas County

Business Administration

  • Practical career-based skills taught by teachers with in-depth, real-world experience
  • Critical thinking, decision-making skills, ethics, and learn the latest technologies and tools

$28/hr. median salary | 6 job openings in Douglas County

Business Management & Marketing

  • Relevant career-based skills taught by faculty with extensive industry experience
  • Seamlessly transfer all credits to SOU and OSU

$39/hr. median salary | 8 job openings in Douglas County

Retail Management Certificate

  • Accredited business program designed to help incumbent workers develop the skills necessary for career advancement
  • 100% Online Program

$30/hr. median salary | 26 job openings in Douglas County

Viticulture & Enology

  • Get hands on experience from soil to glass and everything in-between at the Southern Oregon Wine Institute
  • See all aspects of the wine industry by studying on-site at UCC’s own 5-acre vineyard

$31/hr. median salary | 2 job openings in Douglas County