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Study to be a Biologist, Chemist, Civil Engineer, Geologist, Mechatronics Engineer, Water Quality Technician and more.

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  • Get hands on experience working with lab instruments and equipment, conducting tests and experiments

$39/hr. median salary | 2 job openings in Douglas County


$34/hr. median salary | 3 job openings in Douglas County


  • Get job-ready with the skills and certificates you need to be job-ready, including expanded opportunities and summer internships
  • Interactive Maker Lab with 3D printers

$40/hr. median salary | 4 job openings in Douglas County


$34/hr. median salary | 4 job openings in Douglas County


  • Learn about robotics, computer science, welding, industrial manufacturing, fabrication, mechanical components, hydraulics, and automation programming
  • Mechatronics engineer specializations range from automotive, project, systems, software and instrumentation

$47/hr. average salary | 2 job opening in Douglas County

Water Quality Technician

  • Prepare to pass the level 1 operator test for Water Treatment, Water Distribution, Wastewater treatment, and wastewater collection.
  • Obtain ABET Accreditation

$27/hr. median salary | 5 job openings in Douglas County