Career Academy Allows Students to Explore Possible Careers

Career Academy Allows Students to Explore Possible Careers

“We just finished disassembling this V-8 engine,” said Bryce Eastridge, a high school student in the UCC Career Academy program, while pointing to an enormous pile of bolts, tubes, and shiny steel cylinders. “I’m potentially wanting to become a mechanic,” he continued, “Probably work at a shop.” Another student hoped to open his own shop someday, stating he began working on cars with his dad when he was nine years old.

This past fall, high school juniors and seniors of Douglas County began participating in UCC’s new Career Academy program. This grants students the opportunity to sample a variety of possible careers, including theatre, emergency medical technician, and automotive, while simultaneously earning college credit.

The faculty who run the class every Friday, prefer to teach students “the old-fashioned way” of automotive mechanics. “These students get credit for our engine class,” they said. “They’re also a step closer to acquiring an NC3 certification, which applies to a variety of industries, not just automotive.”

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