Digital Library Services

Library Laptops



Checking out a laptop implies agreement with the following:

“I have read and understand the Laptop Check-Out Policy (below). I agree to pay all costs associated with damage to this laptop computer or its replacement costs should it be lost or stolen. I understand that there are significant overdue fines for the late return of this laptop and that the replacement cost for this laptop is $1500 and any associated overdue fines.”

Check-Out Policies for Laptops & iPads

  1. Library laptops are available to currently enrolled UCC students for 4 - hour periods for use inside the library and may be checked out at the Library Circulation Desk during Library open hours. Laptops must be returned no later than 15 minutes prior to closing.
  2. Only UCC students currently enrolled in CREDIT CLASSES are eligible to check out Library Laptops . Students must show their UCC ID card with a current term sticker when checking out equipment.
  3. Borrowing a Library Laptop implies the user's knowledge of responsible use. The library staff and lab aides are not able to provide hardware or software troubleshooting, tutoring, or assistance.
  4. Laptops are available on a first come, first served basis and may not be reserved in advance. Only one laptop at a time may be borrowed by an individual.
  5. Laptops/peripherals can be renewed with the student I.D. card used for checkout as long as item(s) are not overdue.
  6. Late returns result in fines! Return or renew the laptop before it is overdue.
    FINES: $5/any part of first hour and $10/any part of each additional hour. $1500 replacement cost for a lost, damaged-beyond-repair, or stolen laptop. After 24 hours overdue, the laptop will be considered lost and billed to the borrower's account.
  7. Always return the laptop to a library staff member-- DO NOT leave it unattended.
  8. Save files to your own storage media. Do not save personal files or download software to the laptop hard drive at any time. Files will be deleted and you may lose the privilege of checking out laptops.
  9. The student to whom the laptop is checked out is responsible for any associated costs if the laptop or peripheral is lost, stolen, damaged, or overdue. Do not leave the laptop unattended.
  10. Report any problems with the laptop immediately. If available, another will be checked out to you.
  11. Laptops are battery powered, unless plugged in. Watch for “battery low” warnings.
  12. Comply with all library and college policies regarding use of technology.
  13. The College is not responsible for any viruses which may be transferred to a user’s personal storage device, nor is it responsible for any lost or corrupted files.