Is online learning for you?

Online Classes are Easier........Fact or Myth?

Okay, let's get this myth out of the way. You may have heard that online courses are easier than face to face courses. They are NOT! Sure, they are certainly more accommodating for people with busy schedules, but that doesn't mean that they are any easier.

Apparently you haven't been scared away yet.  That's good.

If the following describes you, online learning may be a great fit!

I am motivated.
I am self-disciplined.
I have a quiet place where I can study without distractions.
I can learn equally well from reading as I can from listening or watching.
I can dedicate 2-3 hrs/wk per credit (roughly 27-36 hrs/wk for full-time).
I like to plan ahead so that I am prepared when there are delays.
I can use a computer to research the web, create and edit documents, and attach items and send email.

Congratulations, you are still here.  

If you think online learning may be what you've always been looking for, Click Here to see all of the Programs that UCC offers fully online.