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Transfer Education

Start at UCC and Transfer

Tansfer-WEBGood choice! It’s the personal attention you get at UCC that gives you a great start. Our graduates go on to successful academic and professional careers in all fields. One key to that success is advising — every transfer student should work closely with both a UCC academic advisor and a representative from the institution(s) they plan to attend. Other keys to success are our TOP program and Success Center that help students get the most out of available resources and services

The latest report from the Oregon Office of Community Colleges and Workforce Development shows that among Oregon community colleges with 20 or more students transferring into the Oregon University System, UCC has the highest percentage of students successfully continuing into their second year at the transfer institution — 84 percent!

Catalog Info

Maddie Gidcumb success story

Maddie Gidcumb - Scholarship Recipient Success Story

UCC Foundation scholarship recipient Maddie Gidcumb conveys the importance of scholarships to her success as a UCC student. She expresses her gratitude for the support from UCC faculty, advisors, and the Foundation in helping her achieve her dreams.

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University Transfer Programs

Arts & Communication AAOT AS
Communication Studies: Journalism  
Communication Studies: Public Relations  
Communication Studies: Speech Communications  
Fine Art (Art Education, Art History, Pre-Architecture, Studio Art, & Visual Communications)  
Music Studies  
Music Studies: SOU Transfer  
Music Studies: Entertainment Technology  
Theatre Arts  
World Languages  
Business & Management AAOT AS
Business Administration: SOU Transfer
Agricultural Business Management: OSU Transfer - New!
Computer Science, Engineering. & Industrial Systems AAOT AS
Computer Science: ASOT
Surveying & Geomatics
Education AAOT AS
Early Childhood Development: SOU Transfer  
Education: Primary & Secondary  
Fitness & Recreation AAOT AS
Outdoor Recreation  
Forestry AAOT AS
Forestry Programs Overview    
Forest Engineering: OSU Transfer
Forest Landscape Processes: OSU Transfer  
Forest Management: OSU Transfer
Forest Operations: OSU Transfer
Health Services AAOT AS
Health, Health Education, Health Care Administration  
Medical Imaging Technology  
Medical Technology  
Pre-Professional Health Care  
Respiratory Care  
Human Services & Public Safety AAOT AS
Criminal Justice: SOU Transfer
Human Services: SOU Transfer
Sciences AAOT AS
Natural Resources: OSU Transfer
Social Sciences AAOT AS
International Studies  
Political Science  

Explanation of Transfer Programs

Associate of Arts / Oregon Transfer Degree (AAOT)

The AA/OT degree is designed for students planning to transfer into a baccalaureate degree program in the Oregon University System (University of Oregon, Oregon State University, Eastern Oregon University, Western Oregon University, Southern Oregon University, Portland State University) or the AA/OT as a “block transfer,” enabling a student to enter as a junior with all of the transfer school’s lower division general education requirements met. The AA/OT offers students the flexibility to choose courses that interest them while fulfilling requirements at their transfer schools.

Download the 2017-2018 UCC Transfer Programs Overview to see required classes

Oregon Transfer Module (OTM)

The Oregon Transfer Module (OTM) is an approved 45 credits of general education courses (foundational skills and introduction to discipline courses) that are common among Oregon's colleges and universities. Courses are selected from an approved list of 100 and 200 level general education requirements, determined by each Oregon community college, Oregon University System institution, or participating Oregon independent college or university. It is designed to improve student access to a college degree by enhancing opportunities for the transfer of credits earned at one community college or Oregon University System (OUS) campus to another public college or university.

Download the 2017-2018 UCC OTM Information Page to see required classes

Associate of Science (AS)

The AS degree is designed for students who plan to transfer and complete a Bachelors of Science degree at a four-year institution. The degree requirements allow students more flexibility in course selection, allowing them to focus on their major requirements. NOTE : Completion of this degree does not guarantee that all lower-division General Education requirements have been met for a bachelors degree (i.e., this is not a block transfer degree as is the AA/OT ). In selecting courses for this degree, students are strongly encouraged to consult the specific transfer curriculum pages in this catalog, the faculty adviser, and the institution to which they intend to transfer to determine if it is an appropriate choice.

Download the 2017-2018 UCC Transfer Programs Overview to see required classes

Associate of General Studies

This flexible degree option enables a student to complete an associate’s degree that is tailored to the general education requirements of the transfer school. Students must exercise caution in using the AGS option, as the degree does not guarantee transferability of courses completed. Educational planning for the AGS should be done with the help of an adviser.

Download the 2017-2018 UCC Transfer Programs Overview to see required classes

Get connected with the UCC community

  • Dr. Debra Thatcher
    Dr. Debra Thatcher
  • Dr. Kacy Crabtree
    Dr. Kacy Crabtree
  • Brad O'Dell
    Brad O'Dell
    Police Academy
  • Craig Jackson
    Craig Jackson
    Athletics Director
  • John Blackwood
    John Blackwood
    Computer Science
  • April Hamlin
    April Hamlin
    Dean of Student Services
  • Susan Taylor
    Susan Taylor
    Director, UCC Foundation
  • Anthony Tatum
    Anthony Tatum
    Help Desk
  • Dave Stricklin
    Dave Stricklin
    Women's Basketball Coach
  • Michelle Bergmann
    Michelle Bergmann
    Director of Financial Aid
  • Honey Mcnamara
    Honey McNamara
  • Jan Woodcock
    Jan Woodcock
    Social Science
  • Kira Oerman
    Kira Oerman
    Recruitment Specialist
  • Jason Heald
    Jason Heald
  • Danielle Haskette 2
    Danielle Haskett
    Accessibility Services
  • Stephanie Newman
    Stephanie Newman
    Theatre Arts
  • Les Rogers
    Les Rogers
  • Jennifer Lantrip
    Jennifer Lantrip
    Research Librarian
  • georgann willis
    Georgann Willis
    Social Science