Information Literacy Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will investigate differing viewpoints that they encounter in their strategic exploration of topics in order to be able to develop their own informed arguments or hypotheses.
  2. Students will gain insight and understanding about diverse sources of information in order to evaluate and use resources appropriately for their information needs.
  3. Students will identify the appropriate level of scholarship among publication types (scholarly journals, trade publications, magazines, websites, etc.) in order to critically evaluate the usefulness of the information for their research need.
  4. Students will articulate the key elements in their research questions in order to develop and execute a search strategy.
  5. Students will share ideas responsibly in a variety of formats and contexts in order to recognize themselves as knowledge creators.
  6. Students will properly distinguish between their own ideas and the intellectual property of others in order to ethically use information and demonstrate academic integrity.

CC-BY-NC Developed in collaboration with the information literacy instructors in the Weinberg Memorial Library at The University of Scranton.

NWCCU Accreditation Standards Related to Information Literacy

2.C.6 Faculty with teaching responsibilities, in partnership with library and information resources personnel, ensure that the use of library and information resources is integrated into the learning process.

2.E.3 Consistent with its mission and core themes, the institution provides appropriate instruction and support for students, faculty, staff, administrators, and others (as appropriate) to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness in obtaining, evaluating, and using library and information resources that support its programs and services, wherever offered and however delivered.

2.E.4 The institution regularly and systematically evaluates the quality, adequacy, utilization, and security of library and information resources and services, including those provided through cooperative arrangements, wherever offered and however delivered.