Library Instruction for Online Classes

Library Research Tutorial

Link to this tutorial in Canvas to help your students learn how to research for their assignments.

This tutorial includes text and video to guide students through:

  • Choosing a research topic,
  • Finding reference sources,
  • Search techniques,
  • Finding articles, books, ebooks, and other sources available at the UCC Library,
  • Searching the Web,
  • Reading and evaluating sources, and
  • APA and MLA citations.


Canvas Library Research Tutorial Module - Interactive

This tutorial includes text, video and short quizzes in Canvas with comprehension questions to help students learn how to:

  • Read an assignment,
  • Find reference sources for background information,
  • Choose and narrow a topic,
  • Brainstorm search terms,
  • Utilize basic search techniques,
  • Find books and articles,
  • Copy citations from databases, and
  • Read and evaluate articles.

How to Import into Your Course

  1. Go to your Canvas course.
  2. On the right side of the screen, click Import from Commons.
  3. In the search box in Canvas Commons, type UCC Library.
  4. Click on the UCC Library Research Tutorial.
  5. On the right side of the screen under Import into Canvas, select your course and then click Import info Course.
  6. The module should appear in your course.
  7. Move it to the location of your choice and publish it.

Contact UCC Online for further assistance importing this module into your course.

Customized Tutorials, Assignments, or Canvas Modules for Your Course

  • If you are interested in a tutorial, assignment, or module in Canvas to help students learn research strategies for your specific course, please contact Jennifer Lantrip.
  • More information for faculty about library resources for online courses is available in the Services for Faculty guide.