Back to School: What Nontraditional Students Wish They’d Known

Most people can imagine a freshman college student: nervous, insecure, trying not to feel wholly out of place and ill prepared for what lies ahead. Now take a moment and truly picture this student. What do they look like, how old are they? What is this student's story?

UCC Offers Aid to Bolster Student Success

UCC is making college more affordable, attainable and safe this academic year through the use of $2.3 million of federal covid relief aid through the American Rescue Plan.

Engineering a Path to a Perfect Job

ROSEBURG, Oregon – Roseburg native Joel LaRaut was raised on his family’s century ranch. He attended Hucrest Elementary, JoLane Middle School, and Roseburg High School. Growing up in picturesque Douglas County no doubt fed his love for landscape photography, animals, and outdoor recreation. In addition, he has an interest in …

UCC Selects Excellence Award Recipients

ROSEBURG, Oregon – Umpqua Community College (UCC) is proud to announce its recipients of the 2021 NISOD Excellence Awards. This year’s honorees include Alyssa Harter, Department of Arts and Humanities, and Joy Yori, Office of Administrative Services. NISOD’s Excellence Awards recognize men and women each year who have demonstrated an …

UCC STEM Department Overview

ROSEBURG, Oregon – The STEM Department at UCC includes Automotive, Computer Science, Engineering, Forestry, Welding and more. Watch the video. About Umpqua Community College Nestled in the beautiful North Umpqua River Valley, Umpqua Community College is the regional center for higher education in Douglas County, Oregon. UCC provides high quality …

Changing the Formula Through Innovation

"I am going from teaching via a document camera over Zoom, to the ability to create videos with a camera, separate microphone, lights, and backdrops. It is honestly a surreal jump into the present."

How the Police Reserve Academy Opened Doors for a Mother of Two

ROSEBURG, Oregon – In 2001, Angela Garcia was working in the front office with Parole and Probation. Despite not being raised around criminal justice, she was intrigued by the Parole Officers (PO) and the responsibilities they held. Though her journey was not easy, Garcia now works as an Adult Parole …

UCC Alum Dedicates Decades to Criminal Justice

“The skills and education that is gained in the criminal justice field will only help you be a better person, have a stronger skill set and be a more marketable candidate for whatever path you chose.”

Serving Our Community with Honor

“The reserve academy was a huge turning point in my life and one of my biggest accomplishments. I wouldn’t be in this career field without it."

UCC President Announces Retirement

Dr. Debra Thatcher cut the ribbon at Tapʰòytʰaʼ Hall's opening in March 2018. Thatcher was instrumental in working with the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians to name UCC's newest building.

UCC Supports Justice For All

College embraces responsibility to provide an educational and work environment that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion for all.

Game on!

eSports Teams to Play at UCC in Fall 2020.