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It's a good time to study here.

Many Sectors of the Oregon Economy are Growing

That's good news for you. It means that, if you choose right and study well, chances are you'll have a job waiting for you once you leave college. We can help you choose an area of study. Take a look at the chart below:

Oregon Economic Sector Growth

From Oregon Office of Economic Analysis report, "Oregon Economic and Revenue Forecast", May 2017.

We have the right programs for you

UCC offers certificates and degrees that are a part of the economic sectors mentioned above. Browse the list below:

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Money for College

How can you pay for all this? Good question. Right? There are hundreds of thousands (more like millions) of dollars available. It is possible to leave college without debt! (Yes. You read that correctly!) Devoting some time and effort to securing money for college can pay off BIG.

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