Rogue Credit Union Campus Branch

in the Hawk Shop Campus Store

Rogue Credit Union Campus Branch at The Hawk Shop

The Rogue Credit Union (RCU) Campus Branch at UCC is staffed by Member Service Representatives that are UCC students who are here to help! Our team understands the unique financial questions and situations that come along with being a college student.

Financial Services Certificate Program Connection

The RCU campus branch at UCC is partnering with the Business Technology department to integrate the Financial Services certificate program. The one-year certificate, at a total of 26 credits, can be completed in conjunction with UCC’s articulation agreement with Southern Oregon University (SOU). It means UCC students will have the ability to transfer those credits to SOU to pursue a bachelor’s degree. As an added bonus, a student who works at the RCU campus branch at UCC has the ability to transfer to the RCU campus branch at SOU. Find out more about this great partnership.

The Campus Branch is a full-service branch where you can:

  • Open a Membership
  • Apply for a Loan
  • Conduct Transactions (Deposits, Withdrawals, Transfers, Loan Payments, etc.)
  • Rogue Credit Union accounts are easily accessible online 24/7 and have joint/shared account options.

The Campus Branch is located inside the campus store.

Hours: CLOSED for Summer

Stop by the Rogue Credit Union Campus Branch at UCC today to meet our friendly team and learn more!