Serving Our Community with Honor
Criminal Justice

Serving Our Community with Honor

ROSEBURG, Oregon – Kyle David decided he wanted to follow a career path that would be more rewarding to himself as well as his community. In 2018, he chose to pursue an education with the Police Reserve Academy at Umpqua Community College.

“My time receiving an education at the UCC’s Reserve Academy was a blast,” David said. “[The program is] taught by local law enforcement for Douglas County, so you learn how they operate here. You build comradery with the other cadets because you are working through it together. The program is really focused on relying on each other. It can be stressful at first, but toward the end, it was really fun.”

In 2019, David was given the title ‘Honor Cadet’ for his graduating class. This title is voted upon by students and instructors. After graduation, David was hired as a patrol police officer with the Sutherlin Police Department. Despite David’s success and passion for police work, this was not always his intended career path.

“I always thought there was this stigma with police officers getting married and having kids,” he said. “I thought those things don’t usually work out with this type of career. Once I talked to somebody who was able to do police work while having a family, I gained more insight. I jumped on board and thought it would be a great and rewarding career.”

With a wife and two children, David understood that having a family while going through the program would take a lot of dedication, but he persevered. The 288-hour program starts in September each year, providing reserve education as well as up to 6 credits towards an associate degree in Criminal Justice.

“The education is very mentally demanding and it takes a lot of effort,” he said. “During class, you experience a nine-month long interview. The instructors are watching how you deal with other people, stress, and any difficulties you may face. You commit your entire Saturdays to the program for nine months straight. However, the only obstacles that you’ll face are the ones you set up yourself.”

David’s education didn’t stop after graduation. While in his career, David feels that every day is a new experience full of learning opportunities. He discovered that situations may be similar but it’s nearly a new scenario every time. Many experienced officers David has worked alongside have told him there is always something new to be learned. With this in mind, David plans to work toward earning his degree in Criminal Justice.

“The Police Reserve Academy is a great place to try and see if it’s a field you are truly interested in,” he said. “If someone isn’t sure about making that much of a commitment, a ride-a-long program is a great opportunity to observe what we do. Almost all local departments offer this service. Douglas County is an awesome community and I am lucky to work here. I can’t see myself working anywhere else. I absolutely love the job and the community I serve.”

The next Police Reserve Academy class is expected to start this coming Fall. The application period typically opens April 1 – August 15 each year.

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