ASUCC Student Leadership

ASUCC Mission Statement

The mission of the ASUCC Student Leadership Team shall be to provide representation of student interests, needs and well-being within Umpqua Community College through a model of governance which provides for student support and engagement.

ASUCC Leadership Board Meetings on Thursdays at 2:00 p.m., in TAP 14.



Student Government keeps students informed about administrative or legislative policies that directly affect students, foster community through campus activities and provides opportunities for student leadership skill development.

ASUCC officers attend Committee, task force meetings and boards to provide students the opportunity help shape policy, formulate plans and projects and participate in the campus decision making process. Students that cannot attend these committees, task forces, etc., can attend weekly board meetings to learn about campus happenings, and to share their voice on the issues at hand.

The ASUCC leadership team attends multiple leadership conferences yearly and participates in skill building workshops and activities that will help us build a strong foundation to serve the students.

To serve students, ASUCC provides Students Services. It is a program is available to all students. The program provides students with assistance through the tougher times during a term. The program provides assistance in the form of transportation assistance, school supplies, a textbook reserve, and assistance with supplemental food boxes. Over 50 students needs have been fulfilled since the beginning of the term.

Every year, ASUCC plans and produces activities aimed toward enriching the campus experience for the students and to promote school spirit. These activities range from educational to just for fun and from small scale to very large events.

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