Article VI—ASUCC Elections
ASUCC Bylaws

ASUCC general elections shall be held each academic year for five (5) ASUCC Executive Council positions.

  • ASUCC President
  • ASUCC Vice President
  • ASUCC Business Manager
  • ASUCC Activities Officer
  • ASUCC Public Relations Officer

ASUCC special elections will be held when deemed necessary by the ASUCC Student Leadership Team.

Section 1—ASUCC Elections Timeline

The timeline for ASUCC elections shall be determined by the ASUCC Vice President (or Elections Chair) in consultation with the ASUCC Elections Committee. ASUCC general elections will be held in spring quarter each academic year.

Section 2—ASUCC Executive Council Candidate Qualifications

All candidates, including write-in candidates on the ballot must, by the end of the first week of spring quarter:

  1. Be currently enrolled in nine (9) credits or more at Umpqua Community College.
  2. Possess a 2.50 cumulative grade point average (GPA) at Umpqua Community College.
  3. Possess an immediate previous quarter grade point average (GPA) of 2.50.
  4. Have completed a minimum of nine (9) credits in the previous quarter.
  5. Be in good financial standing with the college.
  6. Not have any outstanding disciplinary or grievance actions with the college.

A student cannot hold office if he/she has previously resigned from office, was asked to resign due to a recall or has been previously dismissed from office.

Section 3—Filing for ASUCC Executive Council Candidacy

Officially filing for candidacy in any ASUCC election requires the following to be submitted no later than on the posted deadline date for filing:

  1. A petition for candidacy with fifty (50) signatures from currently enrolled Umpqua Community College students, enrolled in three (3) or more credits, to be verified by the ASUCC Vice President (Elections Chair) and the ASUCC Advisor. No student may petition for more than one (1) ASUCC officer position during any election.
  2. A typed platform and qualification statement no less than two hundred and fifty (250) words and no longer than five hundred (500) words.
  3. An ASUCC Student Leadership Team application form.
  4. An unofficial copy of the candidate’s Umpqua Community College transcript. Transcripts must include all quarters completed prior to the application deadline.

All candidates are required to schedule a meeting with the officer currently in the desired position prior to submitting the application.

All candidates must attend no less than two (2) regularly scheduled ASUCC Student Leadership Team meetings prior to campaigning.

Section 4—Filing for Write-In Candidates for ASUCC Executive Council Positions

Any candidate who misses the official deadline date for filing may run as a write-in candidate. Any candidate running as a write-in candidate will not have information listed on the voting ballot. Write-in candidates are required to meet the same qualifications for office as stipulated above in Section 2 and file as stipulated above in Section 3. Write-in candidates must file for candidacy by the posted deadline for write-in candidates.

Section 5—Verification and Acceptance of Nomination

All candidates for office must have their eligibility verified by the ASUCC Vice President (or ASUCC Elections Chair) and ASUCC Advisor. All verified candidates will have their candidacy formally acknowledged by the ASUCC Student Leadership Team in a regular meeting.

Section 6—Candidates’ Orientation

Prior to officially campaigning, all candidates and campaign managers are required to attend the mandatory Candidates’ Orientation meeting. All candidates shall receive a copy of the ASUCC Candidates’ Handbook at the Candidates’ Orientation, which shall contain the rules and regulations pertaining to conduct and campaigning before and during elections and will be required to sign a Campaign Code of Conduct.

Section 7—Campaigning

Campaigning shall be conducted in accordance with the current ASUCC Candidates’ Handbook.

Section 8—ASUCC Elections Ballot

The ASUCC elections ballot shall be presented in accordance with the current ASUCC Candidates’ Handbook.

Section 9—Campaign Violations

Campaign violations are detailed in accordance with the current ASUCC Candidates’ Handbook.

Section 10—ASUCC Election Results

The ASUCC election results shall be presented in accordance with the current ASUCC Candidates’ Handbook.

Section 11—Officer-Elect Requirements

All officer-elects must usher at the commencement proceeding their term as officer. Officer-elects must meet with the current officer holding their position for a minimum of two (2) hours a week after election results are announced.

Article VII – Senator Appointments