Article X—Appointments to Committees and Task Forces
ASUCC Bylaws

Appointments of students to positions on both UCC and ASUCC Student Leadership Team committees and task forces shall be made by the ASUCC Vice President no later than the fourth week of fall quarter unless otherwise determined by the ASUCC Student Leadership Team.

  1. The ASUCC Vice President shall announce openings for student representation on all applicable committees and task forces by the second week of fall quarter.
  2. If within seven (7) calendar days no applications are received concerning a posted opening, the ASUCC Vice President shall actively recruit a potential representative from the general student body. Appointments shall be completed by the fourth week of the quarter.
  3. All appointments to committees and task forces shall be reported to the ASUCC Student Leadership Team by the ASUCC Vice President and presented for confirmation. Names shall then be forwarded to the respective committee and/or task force chairs as requested.

Article XI – Removal from Office