Article VIII — ASUCC Leadership Team Defined
ASUCC Constitution

Section I – Structure

  1. Senators shall be selected by the ASUCC Leadership Team.
  2. Requirements and responsibilities for Senator positions are detailed in the Bylaws.
  3. ASUCC Executive Council Officer requirements and responsibilities are detailed later in this document.

Section II – Meeting

  1. The ASUCC Leadership Team shall meet weekly during the academic year (fall, winter and spring), with the exception of holidays, finals week and term breaks.
  2.  The ASUCC Leadership Team Meeting space shall be determined by the ASUCC President, or acting chair.
  3. The ASUCC Leadership Team Meeting shall be informal and used for a planning time for upcoming events and discussion of the good and welfare of the organization.

 Section III – Removal from Office

  1. Any ASUCC Senator shall be dismissed from their position for the following:
    1. Failure to maintain the responsibilities, duties and/or minimum qualifications of his/her position.
    2. Failure to follow the policies and procedures outlined in any of the ASUCC documents and applicable UCC documents.
    3. Abuse of power of office.
    4. If found by the UCC Vice President of Student Services to have committed a violation of the Student Code of Conduct.
  2. Removal of ASUCC Executive Council Officers will be detailed later in the Constitution.

Article IX – ASUCC Executive Council