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Fine Art : Alex Crabaugh

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Alex Crabaugh and Caroline Hopkins

UCC Graduate pursues dreams of Art at Portland State University.

As told by Caroline Randall, Director, Student Support Services, TRiO

"I first met Alex when he was a 10th grade student in my literature class at Douglas high school, where his creative writing, art, and sense of humor made an impact on me. Even though I encouraged all of my students to continue their education after high school; it still surprised me when I saw Alex walk through the doors of Umpqua Community College."

"Alex faltered a bit in the beginning. He had to figure out how to get to and from school on a consistent basis, and he had to learn the overall self-management skills necessary to be successful, not just at UCC but also in life. Ultimately, it was Alex’s overarching dream that drove him to success. At commencement, I made him take a photo with me, and I don't think he had any idea then, how proud I truly was of him. I am still proud of him."

"Just last week, I contacted Alex to ask how his first term at Portland State University was going. I was a little worried, as the big city is 100% different than anything he has ever experienced in his life and the cost of living and tuition is high. My worries were unfounded. Alex loves it, is doing well in his classes, and loves living in the dorms. He was even commended by his art teacher for being a tremendous abstract painter. Alex's dream led him to success. He is experiencing an entirely new world, and every day opens new opportunities for him. I am proud to have been there for the beginning of his journey at Umpqua Community College."

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Photo: Alex Crabaugh and Caroline Randall (credit: Randall)

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