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We endeavor to make every effort to notify and work with students regarding past due accounts. However, there are circumstances in which UCC must make an effort to collect on unpaid debt to ensure that future students have access to an affordable education.

Consequences of not paying

If you fail to pay your account, the college may take any or all of the following actions:

  • Require immediate payment in full
  • Block enrollment for any future terms
  • Turn accounts over to a collections agency for non-payment *
  • Assign your debt to the Department of Oregon Revenue (DOR) for offset of any refunds or sums due to you from DOR or any other state agency

* Students will receive a final notice for accounts that are overdue before the college assigns them to a collections status and reports them to a credit bureau. The collection agency will add additional collection fees, court and attorney costs to account.

Billings and Final Notice

When students register, in person, they receive a bill notifying them of their account balance. Students that register online can view their billing information through Student Self Service Banner by clicking the “Student” tab, then selecting Student Account from the menu. This feature is available to all admitted students. All term charges are due the first day of the term unless students have secured their classes though other payment options (financial aid, Nelnet, scholarships, tuition waivers, 3rd party, or any combination thereof).

Student Accounts sends billings mid-term and at the end of the term prior to a final notice being sent. A final notice is the last requirement to notify students that their account is in peril of being sent to collections. If the student fails to contact us to set up a payment plan, pay their account in full, or challenge their charges by filing an appeal, their account will be sent to collections. This is why keeping an active address and telephone number with the college is vital. If we cannot contact students regarding a billing we have no choice but to send them though to collections. Not having an active address can also prevent us from paying students that are due a refund.

A student’s account is reviewed after 90 days from payment due date (first day of the term). Accounts that remain unpaid or have not established a UCC Repayment Agreement through our normal billing cycle will be issued a Final Notice. The Final Notice may still allow students to contact Student Accounts to set up a UCC Repayment Agreement. Failure to maintain payments under the Repayment Agreement will result in an account being sent to collections.

Collection Agency Payments

Partial payment on accounts assigned to a collection agency must be paid directly to the collection agency. Student’s wanting to pay their account in full can do so either at the agency or by contacting UCC Student Accounts. Payments in full made to UCC will include collection agency charges.

Once an account at a collection agency is paid-in-full, students may contact Student Accounts at UCC to verify payment received at the agency. This will allow students faster access to registration and transcripts. Until payment is officially posted by UCC on the student’s account; the “Overdue Payment” hold may be lifted by contacting Student Accounts. Student Accounts may not accept partial payments or set up payment agreements for the collection agencies. Students will need to contact the specific collection agency for these types of payment arrangements.

UCC contracts collections through Southern Oregon Credit Services their phone number are provided below. You may also, contact Student Accounts at either 541-440-7660 or 541-440-4635 for assistance.

Southern Oregon Credit Services