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Purchasing Process & Policies

Governing Bodies of the Purchasing System

All public contracting in the State of Oregon is based by Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter 279, which states in part that it is the policy of the State of Oregon to encourage open and fair competition in public contracting to the maximum extent possible. To bid on State of Oregon contracts please go to

Other laws, rules and policies governing UCC’s acquisitions include the Umpqua Community College’s Administrative Procedures AP-6330 and AP-6331 related to Board Policy BP-6330 and and the current Community College Rules of Procurement, (CCRP).

These rules and procedures are intended to provide fair and equitable treatment to all persons involved in public purchasing by UCC, to maximize the purchasing value to the public and to provide safeguards for maintaining a procurement system of quality and integrity.

Bidding and Other Requirements

Unless otherwise exempted, College acquisitions are based on the following solicitation methods:

Purchases under $10,000 may be completed by the individual departments selecting the vendor and placing a purchase order to go to the approval process, without the requirement of obtaining competitive quotes.

Purchases of $10,000 but less than $150,000 require three competitive written quotes to be forwarded to the Purchasing department prior to creating a Purchase Order and completing the transaction. Exceptions may include Personal Services Contracts or public improvement projects.

Purchases of $150,000 or greater require a Formal Solicitation and Contracting Process, (eg: Invitation to Bid (ITB), Request for Proposals (RFP), Request for Qualifications (RFQ), etc.)

Informal Bids and Quotes

Whenever feasible, competitive quotes are encouraged at all levels of purchasing. However, purchases of $10,000 and over require written competitive quotes.

Formal Solicitation Notes

With limited exceptions, purchases and public works projects of $150,000 or greater require a Formal Solicitation process and are the responsibility of the Purchasing department.

Prevailing Wage and Bureau of Labor and Industries, (PW & BOLI). For public improvement projects that exceed $50,000, BOLI’s Prevailing Wage rates must apply.

Formal solicitations are published and advertised on the Oregon Purchasing Information Network (ORPIN), the UCC Purchasing web page, and other publications as necessary to insure adequate market coverage.


For the disposition of any UCC property contact the Office of Business Services – Purchasing