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Closure Due to Weather or Emergency

School closure shall be determined by the college Provost or President. When the college is closed, it is totally closed and no one is required to report for classes or work, excepting security personnel and others specifically requested or approved by the Provost or President.

If possible, closures due to adverse weather will be announced by 6:30 a.m. the day of the closure or by 7 p.m. the proceeding evening.

All closures will be publicized as soon as possible through all appropriate news media and AlertSense, Umpqua Community College’s emergency notification system. Messages can be sent to students, faculty, and staff within a matter of minutes using technologies such as text messaging, PDAs, cell phones, e-mail, work phones, home phones, social media, and TTY/TTD.

Emergency Notification

UCC has modified the process for collecting contact information for the UCC Emergency Notification System so you can add or update your information anytime through Self-Service Banner (SSB). Information about weather delays, closures or other emergency situations are automatically sent to the listed phone numbers and email addresses listed in SSB. To update your information in SSB, please review the instructions below.

At a minimum and without any further steps, employees will receive a message to their employee (Firstname.Lastname[at] email account and students will receive a message to their college-assigned email address.

Additionally, through SSB, you have the option to 1) add or change the number to receive a voice message, 2) add or change a phone number that can receive a text message and/or 3) add or change an alternate or personal email address.

Follow these steps to access the Emergency Notification update section in Self-Service Banner:

1. Log into Self-Service Banner with your ID and password.

2. In the Personal Information tab of the Main Menu, select “View/Update Emergency Alert Contact Information” which is last on the list of options.

3. Read through the information carefully. Select “Update Data” (bottom left button).

4. On this screen, input the appropriate contact information as indicated. When complete, select “Confirm Data.”

5. Review the screen to be sure the information is correct.

6. You are finished and you can continue working in SSB or exit the system.

This information will be uploaded to our Emergency Notification System, on a regular basis through an automated script. Please note this process replaces previous hard copy formats and allows for employees and students to manage their own Emergency Notification System data. If you do not wish to receive emergency notification messages, you have the option to “opt out” by indicating so in SSB.