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Assessment & Planning


Institutional planning is a comprehensive process that involves all campus stakeholders. Regular planning, and subsequent assessment, allows the college to scan the environment, identify trends, and ensure the campus is moving in the best direction possible. Planning is on-going, systematic, and used to align effectiveness and campus resources. The UCC planning process is summarized here.


Assessment at UCC is a systematic, iterative approach to collecting, analyzing, synthesizing, and acting on evidence to implement meaningful change. Assessment is used to answer the questions: “Does this work?”, “How well is this working?”, and “What should we do next?”, thereby providing evidence used to make data-informed decisions that guide planning, resource allocation, support of student learning, and the fulfillment of the College’s mission. Assessment results are reported periodically and formalized during mid-year and annual assessment processes.

Institutional Assessment

Institutional assessment is performed to evaluate the overall level of institutional effectiveness at UCC. An institutional effectiveness rubric guides this assessment and places emphasis on continual improvement, goal setting, inclusiveness, and awareness of emerging trends affecting the college mission. UCC’s current overall level of institutional effectiveness appears in this annotated institutional effectiveness rubric.

Academic Assessment

Academic assessment is performed to evaluate student achievement of academic program learning outcomes, the effectiveness of teaching and learning strategies, and the effectiveness of academic program and curriculum delivery and design.

Assessment Curriculum and Standards Committee (Log in required)

Support Areas Assessment

Support assessment is performed to evaluate UCC’s fulfillment of its mission and strategic goals, the effectiveness of support program delivery and design, and student achievement of learning outcomes of UCC’s student-oriented services.