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Office of Student Services

Our Goals

  • Utilize a cross-campus Strategic Enrollment Plan to guided efforts around recruitment and retention.
  • Stabilize the enrollment of a diverse student population.
  • Improve and clarify student onboarding processes.
  • Have an effective advising system with enrollment advisors, academic advisors, and faculty advisors.
  • Ensure UCC has effective transfer resources for students moving on to a university.
  • Increase participation in student engagement activities.
  • Use an inclusion lens to identify the current policies, forms, programs, and services that may negatively impact student demographic groups.
  • Develop quality relationships with community partners and K-12.

Position of Authority/Leadership

Chief Student Success Office for Student Services provides leadership and innovative advancement of enrollment and student services initiatives, including planning, organizing, facilitating, and evaluating the recruitment, admissions, advising, student engagement, TRIO, and retention departments and processes. The CSSO oversees continuous improvement of integrated and cross-functional processes to enhance recruitment plans, admit students in a timely manner, guide proper advising, support student activities, and engage the campus in retention efforts.

Areas of Operation

The Office of Student Services consists of the following departments led by a dean, director, or coordinator for each area of operation. Each area of the Office of Student Services has its own webpage and operational plan that is aligned with the College mission and embodies the core themes through the services delivered.

  • Admissions guides students through all stages of their college exploration and enrollment journey by working to break down barriers through planned activities, use of data, and quality service. Visit Getting Started.
  • Recruitment coordinates, plans, implements, and assesses campus-wide efforts for recruitment. Visit Future Students.
  • Academic Advising creates student education plans from which students may follow to program completion. Provides the knowledge, tools, and resources to successfully manage the college experience and achieve academic goals. Visit Academic Advising.
  • Student Engagement provides students with the resources to get involved and get the most from their experiences on campus. Students can get connected to opportunities including: student government, student activities, clubs/student organizations, and student leadership development programs. Visit Student Life.
  • Financial Aid provides important information and assistance navigating the process of applying for financial aid. Visit Financial Aid.
  • TRIO/TOP provides first-generation college students with the resources and assistance necessary to complete their studies and move on to a university. Visit TRIO/TOP.
  • Testing provides a variety of services for students and the public to include placement testing, professional certifications tests, and accommodations through the Accessibility Services office. Visit Testing Services.
  • Accessibility Services coordinates accommodations for students with disabilities. Visit Accessibility Services.
  • Mental Health Counselor provides a variety of mental health and wellness and specialty services to students who are enrolled at UCC. Visit the Mental and Emotional Health.


Office of Student Services