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Create your own business degree and gain exposure to a wide variety of business classes while completing your general education.

Choose from specialized areas that interest you such as Financial Services, Bookkeeping, Marketing & E-Commerce, Business Technology, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Accounting, and Retail Management.

Why choose this program?

  • Customized business degree program is unmatched in Oregon
  • Choose your own path to a career in business
  • For working professionals: advance and increase your skills
  • Industry-based programs with career connections
  • Become fluent in industry standards for business operations
  • Critical thinking, decision-making skills, ethics, and learn the latest technologies and tools

Scholarships Available

*Pending Oregon State Approval

Career Opportunities

More Program Information

Program description, outcomes and requirements are located in the Course Catalog.

Money for College

Between scholarships, grants, work study, and loans, students like you can qualify for thousands of dollars to help them reach their education goals.