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Media Studies

Media Studies

Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Flightpath

UCC’s Media Studies degree will immerse you in the skills of writing, editing, producing, graphic design, and other multi-disciplinary media production skills as you initiate your career in journalism.

Today’s journalism is about much more than just writing. Our students develop professional writing and publication skills in fun, interactive, media-rich classrooms which emphasize the whole communication experience.

Students may choose one of three options:

  • Communication Studies: Journalism
  • Communication Studies: Public Relations
  • Communication Studies: Speech Communications

Why choose this program?

  • Gain skills in writing, videography, social media, editing, and professional presentation skills
  • Individual mentoring and feedback to help you expand and grow
  • Be a journalist, editor, designer, photographer, or social media specialist for the student newspaper
  • Take part in state competitions and an award-winning publications team

Career Opportunities

Mainstream News

To see the award-winning Umpqua Community College newspaper, produced by students in J215, please visit – you can also like our Facebook page Umpqua Community College Mainstream newspaper. If you’re interested in placing an ad, please contact Melinda Benton.

Watch a featured video produced by Mainstream students that was created to convey the idea of ‘Discovering UCC’.

More Program Information

Program description, outcomes and requirements are located in the Course Catalog.

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