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Blazing a New Trail to Success

Blazing a New Trail to Success

When Amanda was choosing a career, she looked for something stable with long-term benefits and growth. She found everything she wanted through UCC’s Paralegal program.

ROSEBURG, Oregon – Amanda Davis comes from a long line of Umpqua Community College (UCC) graduates. After watching her siblings succeed in nursing and engineering careers, she decided to follow the family legacy—but she wanted to do it in her own way.

“I didn’t want to do blood and I’ve always had an interest in the law and helping people,” Amanda said. “UCC’s Paralegal program fit my life and my career goals.”

With small children at home and a family, Amanda says the best part about going through UCC’s program was the ability to do it online.

“I would do my work, and then do what I needed to get done with my family,” she said.

Amanda couldn’t say enough about the support she received from UCC’s Paralegal Program Coordinator Crystal Sullivan.

“Crystal was always there to help answer questions or give us guidance,” she said. “Even though the coursework is online, she was always there for us whenever we needed her.”

For Amanda, two years of paralegal courses and one semester of prerequisites breezed by—even the math classes that had her a little spooked. Before she knew it, she was working at a Roseburg law office and absolutely loves it.

“My boss, Randy Rubin, is a good person and a good attorney,” she said. “I love working for him and I love helping people.”

When Amanda was choosing a career, she looked for something that would be stable and have long-term benefits and growth.

“The paralegal world changes so fast,” she said. “You need a good foundation and UCC gives you that. You learn basic skills in your classes—things like legal writing, researching, and how the legal system works. The rest you learn in your Cooperative Work Experience and after you get hired.”

Legal professionals in Roseburg—and nearby Eugene as well—look to hire UCC graduates.

“Our new hires from UCC come in with a basic set of skills and are ready to hit the ground running,” Rubin said. “Every day is a new experience for them and they have to be ready to handle it. When they come from UCC, they know what we expect them to do and they’re ready to be productive from day one.”

Graduates with an Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies Degree can earn $14 to $19 per hour. The Oregon Department of Labor expects the statewide industry to grow more than 14 percent over the next year.

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Crystal Sullivan
Program Coordinator, Paralegal

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