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Hiring Great Employees Starts Before They’re Hired

“Roseburg lawyer Derek Simmons shares his success in connection with the UCC Paralegal program.”

ROSEBURG, Oregon – Roseburg lawyer Derek Simmons hires quality employees who are ready to take on any task—real go-getters who have a solid understanding of how the law and court systems work. So when he commits to a Cooperative Work Experience (CWE) student from the Umpqua Community College (UCC) Paralegal Studies program, he’s confident they are coming to his firm with the skills and the drive to get things done.

“We are delighted with the paralegal students that we’ve hired from UCC,” Simmons said. “We like to hire students who are well grounded in the community. We like for them to have good community roots.”

Simmons enjoys having the chance to influence what UCC’s Paralegal students are learning in their courses. As employers, Watkinson Laird Rubenstein, P.C and other local law firms play an influential role in the College’s technical advisory committees.

“The graduates we hire are ready to take on anything we throw at them,” Simmons said.

Paralegals from UCC graduate with knowledge of the law and the court system. They can write and edit a legal brief, use a computer, and interacting effectively and pleasantly with clients.

“Customer service is just as key to a successful law practice as legal book knowledge is,” Simmons said. “All of us in the law have interaction with clients. It’s a very people-driven career.”

UCC’s Paralegal program is online and can be started any term. For more information, visit

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