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Outstanding Student, Outstanding Opportunity

“I got hired before I even graduated.”

ROSEBURG, Oregon – When Martie Monger dreamed of having a career in the legal field, she never imagined it would happen so quickly. Before putting on her cap and gown for Umpqua Community College’s (UCC) graduation ceremony this past June, she already had a job as a Paralegal in her pocket.

“I did my homework and learned that UCC’s Paralegal program has a 98% success rate at getting students hired,” she said. “That’s what I wanted and it worked out for me. I got hired before I even graduated.”

Martie didn’t get her start at UCC as a paralegal studies student. She started with an interest in nursing, but later chose a different path. When she did, she picked a program with a stellar track record. As a workforce diversity grant recipient, she was given the green light to pursue her dream job and be a part of a great team.

“At UCC, I felt that in the classes students and instructors are all one team,” she said. “And everything I learned, I now use in my job as a paralegal.”

Martie’s current boss, Derek Simmons with Watkinson Laird Rubenstein, P.C., says UCC produces graduates who are ready from day one.

“UCC Paralegal students always come to us ready to work,” Simmons said. “They are ready to go right from the interview, and I find that they embrace teamwork.”

Along with being a part of a team environment, Martie and Derek also agree on one other important point. UCC makes it a priority for students and employers to have a voice in what future Paralegal students will learn in the classroom. Derek and Martie are both involved with advisory committees for the program, so their input will make the program even stronger down the road.

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Crystal Sullivan
Chair, Associate Professor, Paralegal Studies
Phone: 541-440-4663

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