Quality Check Review: Course Leads

Distance Learning Coordinator
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Course Lead: The faculty member assigned to develop a new online course by their Department Chair or Program Coordinator.

Course Lead Quality Check Review: $200 ($300 if course mapping)

Faculty Reviewers: The member assigned to complete Quality Check Reviews Sections A and B by the Distance Learning Coordinator.

Online Course Development/Quality Check Review Course Schedule

Ideally, each online course should go through the Quality Check process every three to four years.

 Quality Check Review Process Schedule 

Two Terms Before Course is Offered (Not Including Summer Term): Outcomes Updated Term Before Course is Offered: Course Map, Revise Course for Review, Quality Check Review Sections A, B, C Term Course Offered: Quality Check Review Section D Term After Course Offered: Quality Check Review Section E
Winter Spring Summer Fall
Spring Summer Fall  Winter
Spring Fall Winter Spring
Fall  Winter  Spring Summer


 Quality Check Review Process

It is important that everyone complete their tasks in a timely manner so that the course will be ready to teach on time. Please contact the Distance Learning Coordinator if you need additional time to accomplish your piece.

Communication: The Distance Learning Coordinator will copy Program Coordinator and/or Department Chair and the assigned instructional designer when major milestones have been completed. 



Team Member

Two Terms Before Course is Offered (Not Including Summer Term)
 Week 1  Review your course outcomes with your Department Chair. If they need to be updated, please complete a Course Outline Form. Course Lead
Term Before Course is Offered
Week 1

Instructional Designer initial consultation to create a customized work plan for revising your course for the Quality Check Review.

Potential topics covered: Course map, Canvas feature updates, course planning, UCC Framework, accessibility and universal design, student engagement, Quality Check (QC) checklist, and receive your course shell for the Quality Check Review.

Course Lead
 Weeks 2-4  

Weeks 2-4:
Prepare course for Quality Check Review. Due end of Week 4.

Notify Distance Learning Coordinator that your course is ready for Quality Check Review.

Course Lead 
 Weeks 5-6  Quality Check Review Sections A and B completed by faculty reviewer. Notify Distance Learning Coordinator upon completion. Faculty Reviewer
 Weeks 7-8 Distance Learning Coordinator sends Course Lead comments from Faculty Reviewer and assigned instructional designer on Quality Check Review Sections A and B.
Make edits to our course indicated in red. Add your comments to the Quality Check Review document in green to indicate that you have made the changes.
Notify the Distance Learning Coordinator when you have completed this step.
Course Lead
 Weeks 9-10  Faculty reviewer checks that changes were made in course and updates Quality Check Review document to indicate that all standards were met.
Faculty reviewer notifies Distance Learning Coordinator by end of Week 10 when this has been completed.
Faculty Reviewer
Week 11

Distance Learning Coordinator notifies Course Lead and assigned instructional designer that your Quality Check Review has been completed and that you may now copy your Quality Check course shell that you were working on over to the course shell for the upcoming term.

Meet with Instructional Designer to:

  • Complete Quality Check Review Section C together
  • Add student feedback survey to course shell for upcoming term
Course Lead
Week 11

Distance Learning Coordinator process stipend for Faculty Reviewer.
Distance Learning Coordinator process the Course Lead stipend.

Distance Learning Coordinator update the Quality Check Tracking: QC Tracking and WEB/HYB Complete List. 

Faculty Reviewer, Course Lead
Term Course Offered
Week 3  Distance Learning Coordinator completes Quality Check Review Section D.  
Week 10 Student feedback survey delivered to students.  
Term After Course Offered
Weeks 1-4 Meet with Instructional Designer complete Quality Check Review Section E together.
Notify the Distance Learning Coordinator that Section E has been completed.
Course Lead


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