Quality Check Review: Faculty Reviewers

Distance Learning Coordinator
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Faculty Reviewers:
The following process is for Faculty Reviewers who are assigned to complete Quality Check Reviews Sections A and B by the Distance Learning Coordinator.

Faculty Reviewers must have experience teaching online courses at UCC and have completed the Quality Matters Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR) course.

Faculty Reviewer Stipend:
Part A: $200
Part B: $100

Please contact the Distance Learning Coordinator if you are interested in becoming a Faculty Reviewer.

Course Lead: The faculty member assigned to develop a new online course by their Department Chair or Program Coordinator.


Quality Check Review Sections A, B Process: Faculty Reviewers

You will be completing the Quality Check Review Sections A and B the term before the course is offered.

It is important that everyone complete their tasks in a timely manner so that the course will be ready to teach for the following term. Please contact the Distance Learning Coordinator if you need additional time to accomplish your piece. 



Team Member

Term Before Course is Offered
Weeks 1-4

The Distance Learning Coordinator will reach out to you during the beginning of the term to ask your availability to do reviews later in the term.

Faculty Reviewer
End of Week 4 The Distance Learning Coordinator will set you up with a Quality Check Review to complete:
  • You will receive a link to the Quality Check Review Google Doc for this course. You will need to sign-in to access it -- you are generally able to sign in using your UCC student email address and login credentials. If you would like to access it via a different Google account, please email the Distance Learning Coordinator to request access.
  • You will receive a course invitation to the Quality Check Canvas course shell for the course that you are reviewing.
Faculty Reviewer
 Weeks 5-6  

Please complete your Quality Check Review before the end of Week 6.

To complete the review, go through the course and check it against each of the rows in the Quality Check Review. Each row refers to a Quality Matters standard. Refer to the Quality Standards for Course Design Rubric Workbook for further details and/or contact the Distance Learning Coordinator.

Make any general comments in blue. Make any action items that would need to be completed in order for the QM standard to be met in red.

Indicate whether the standard has been met by leaving either a Y for Yes or a N for No in the left column.

You must make your comments in the Google Doc itself.

When you have completed it, notify the Distance Learning Coordinator.

Faculty Reviewer
 Weeks 7-8 The Distance Learning Coordinator sends your review to the Course Lead and assigned instructional designer. The Course Lead makes any edits to their course required by your action items in red. After they have completed them, they add their own comments in green to the Quality Check Review document indicating that you have made the changes.
The course lead notifies the Distance Learning Coordinator when they have completed this step, no later than the end of Week 8
Course Lead
 Weeks 9-10 You check that your action item changes were made in course -- make sure to check the course itself. You update the Quality Check Review document to indicate that the standards were met. If there is still more work to be done, leave the standards marked as unmet and make additional action item comments in red.
Notify the Distance Learning Coordinator by end of Week 10 when this has been completed.
Faculty Reviewer
Week 11

The Distance Learning Coordinator processes your stipend.

Faculty Reviewer


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