Faculty Resources - Professional Development

UCCOnline Trainings

Here is a list of some of the workshops offered at UCCOnline.
Call to schedule a personalized training or see the calendar for upcoming workshops. 
  • Publish Your Syllabus in Canvas
  • Set up Your Grade Book
  • Creating Rubrics in Canvas
  • Course Analytics
  • Record your screen or powerpoint
  • Virtual Office Hours
  • Badging
  • Films on Demand
  • Understanding How Dates Work in Canvas

Quality Matters (QM) Training

Quality Matters (QM)Training is a faculty-centered, peer review process that is designed to certify the quality of online courses and online components.

Contact UCCOnline if you are interested in taking one of the online courses. View the course descriptions.

We recommend the IYOC workshop (Improving your Online Course). The duration is 2 weeks, and QM suggests that participants set aside 8-10 hours per week for the workshop. The workshop is designed for instructors who have taught online. You will need to have a course to work with during the workshop.

Explore Virtual Professional Development Opportunities

There are many ways to learn and develop our professional growth. We recommend looking at some of these:

  • Enroll in a free MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)
    • Take a MOOC at the Canvas Network.. At the website, be sure to scroll down to see the course catalog.

  • Watch a Webinar - visit these archived webinars

  • Join the Canvas Community