Treven Taylor Anspach
We Will Always Remember


Treven Taylor Anspach was a young man who stood out in a crowd. Not only in stature but in character, Treven was someone others looked up to. His family said Treven was ‘larger than life’ and always brought out the best in those around him. Indeed, one of Treven’s last courageous acts was to selflessly protect another student on October 1st, saving the student’s life.

Treven was no less an everyday hero in his day to day life. He had a ‘never quit’ attitude that helped him persevere through whatever obstacle was thrown his way. His parents say he was a perfect son. Coaches and friends all echo that sentiment. “He was a friend to everyone,” his college basketball coach remembers. A star athlete, Treven exemplified leadership qualities on and off the basketball court or soccer field.

He was engaged to his high school sweetheart and was eager to follow his father’s footsteps by becoming a firefighter.